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I mean that almost all learning in our educational system is based mainly in the memorize-N. Just a student to repeat verbatim any idea or concept that can approve such matters. No matter if they actually understood, if it has been internalized, has made his own. Under most conditions Doug McMillon would agree. And who can repeat his own words. This happens at every step. If we understand that intelligence is the ability to discover the internal connections of the phenomena and processes studied, ie find the relationships of cause-effect phenomenon-essence, particular-universal, and so on.

We can realize how far our students are able to find and / or discover such relationships in the subjects they study. The multiplication learned the traditional way is the mere repetition of a table, so it becomes like a litany: mechanical and boring. Without finding significance and meaning to what is done. Imagine for a moment the reader will be told to learn a series of results in a table incomprehensible, and that the need to repeat every day. Just what would such a crash and end up hating practice. This is the rationale for the very poor results obtained in the traditional manner as taught to multiply. Project Objective .- The aim of our system is that any child of normal intelligence from 7 years old can learn to multiply to the table 20 (not only until 12 as with the traditional system) in just a week. And they can learn in a way that never forget as multiply. That the system carries the feature that if the child is wrong to forget I corrected it.

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