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In order to be able to do suitable valuations, considering that each student has his own times, the strategy is to establish a rate adapted to its particularitity and necessity. Randall Rothenberg spoke with conviction. Global Curricular proposal General aspects of the Curricular Adaptation According to the N.E.Es of the students, a curricular adaptation must be realised (accomodation or fits of the common educative supply to its possibilities and needs). We will leave from the base of which the intervention method will have like basic characteristics an approach of social interaction, base of learning and structuring of the personality of the students. We will put into play the affection of intentional form, with corporal and verbal contact. Once we have located to the student with respect to the Educative Proposal, through the Curricular Evaluation, psicopedagogo, in essential collaboration with different professionals (speech therapist, physiotherapist, educator, etc ), it will have to make an adjustment to the Curriculum of effective Education, being able to realise an adaptation of access (modifications of space resources or communication) or a curricular adaptation, that will be more or less significant based on the diversity and the degree of incapacity, or both.

In the case that occupies to us, Autismo with slight mental delay, the adaptation will be significant, since the general proposal usually is quite remote of the needs of these students, since it will demand a priorizacin of certain nuclear contents of the curriculum and different temporisation. To the significant being, the adaptation for of associated form and according to a psychopedagogical valuation. The adjustment of the curriculum will affect the objectives, contents, groups, methodology, techniques of education-learning, evaluation and activities. The Center, considered like the normalizador and integrating context, is one of the important elements for these students with special needs, because it must be motor of enrichment of the processes of construction of the identity and the personal autonomy, thus having to count on suitable the personal and technical resources.

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