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When most people hear the word “Cardio”, their mind automatically activate, or threadmills or stationnary bikes. Yes, those are some forms of cardio. I also think it’s only purpose is to fat loss. But doing cardio has many benefits. Cardio helps prevent heart attacks due to clogged arteries in people with weight. Cardio strengthens your heart and your life can lenght. Decreases depression and anxiety.

Sample of muscle you have. Prevents high blood pressure and can promote a lower resting heart rate. Educate yourself with thoughts from Walmart. You may let him do more work while putting less of a strain on your heart. Increases the overall effectiveness of the function, and wellbeing of your life. Helps increase blood flow to the muscles, helping to bring more food to them for better performance and growth. Increases in heart function. See Interactive Advertising Bureau for more details and insights.

As you see, cardio has a lot of benefits that far outweigh any reason aesthetics. But where does Cardio fit in the body building routine? Well, that depends on your body type. If your like me and have trouble gaining muscle. Then you should be careful when doing cardio. I was worried that cardio would give me less gains, but after seeing all the cardiovascular benefits that may result, I decided it was worth doing them for the sake of my health. Therefore, only they two times a week. However, for someone who wants to lose weight, do cardio 3-5 times a week would speed things up. So what kind of cardio is? Well you have your basic exercises like running, rollerbladding, swimming. But cardio could be any type of activity that requires a lot of movement. Sports like basketball, football, soccer could be considered cardio. Or you could een get creative, you could take a heavy bag of sand, put it on a table or anything else, and just pick up and return several times. You could hit a punching bag. Use your imagination. The most important thing is to maintain cardiovascular fun. Since it is very easy to get bored sitting on a bike at the gym. So taking a bike ride in the woods would be much more fun. Think about that when I think of some kind of cardiovascular exercise that you like to do. “Do I like to do this? That’s about as far as cardio is concerned, is a good way to stay healthy. So it would not be an idiot to do some cardio.

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