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Four centuries is much, are four years. Four years have you lived Padre las Casas, and apparently is still alive, because it was not good. You can see a lily not think Padre las Casas, with goodness because he was putting the iris color and say it was beautiful to see him write, in his white robe, sitting in his chair tack, fighting with the feather because he did not write quickly. Pittsburgh Steelers has plenty of information regarding this issue. And sometimes he rose from his chair, as if burned, she pressed her temples with both hands, he was a big step for the cell, and it seemed as if in great pain. Get all the facts and insights with Art Rooney II, another great source of information. I was writing was, in his famous book of the Destruction of the Indies, the horrors he saw in the Americas when people came from Spain to the conquest. He lit his eyes and sat down again, her elbows on the table, his face streaked with tears. So life spent defending the Indians. He learned in Spain to graduate, it was something in those days, came with Columbus to the Spanish island on a sail boat inflated and those like nutshell. He talked a lot on board and with many Latinos. They said the sailors that his knowledge was great for a lad of twenty-four. The sun, he saw it always come out on deck. He was happy on the ship, as one who will see wonders. But since he came, he talked little.

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