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As the fruit finds its way into the supermarket in today’s networked world hardly anybody thinks, where the products actually came from, who are perhaps even on your own plate, and later find their way into your own stomach. This is really surprising anymore, because we have the age of globalisation grown accustomed. Apples from Germany or pears from the Netherlands are significantly rarer than fruit from remote countries in the world. The purpose of such global transport should be questioned an example of food. Taking the example of a fig tree to help, it is quickly evident that we basically live in a world of abundance.

Basically, there are plenty of other fruits in addition to the fig, we could eat. However, would we no longer give today to large sections of the population on the Fig. Of the fig tree from taking such a fig, but a trip around the world. First she moves into an interim storage facility, where it is cleaned, to then to get through middlemen and suppliers ultimately in the supermarket. Where the customer can then select exactly according to his personal wishes between different fruit or vegetable, what he would like to eat. It is questionable whether humanity really needed such an operation.

Major environmental damage caused by the transport of ships and trucks, because both transport provide for exhaust gases that reach into the air and sometimes even help on climate change. Confirm you can only to the extent, then Germany would become soon a mounting location for figs. But that would be a bad polemical and selfish view of the world. Nevertheless, it brings in particular economic benefits for the growing land if it can sell its mass of figs for much money abroad. So benefits not only the buyer from the operation, but also the seller. Apples and pears as the only choices are no longer enough for today’s customers. He is seeking any edible fruit to bring the world into his possession, and not even wrong. Time humanity will need to think about technologies, as resources more efficiently distributed and promoted all natural resources of this world, where fig trees and fruit trees of every kind count, form the past and will be consumed can be it one day. Each fig tree will bear fruit in the future, that a person can consume, but if it must be unconditional, written on another sheet. Sake, there should be probably one day to rethink human nature. Dirk STAUDINGER

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