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Are you Touristenauskunft.info – Pellworm? Sylt? The answer says a lot. They exist for every type of trip, every age and budget: the right island in the North and Baltic Sea. Close on the doorstep and yet far enough away from the everyday life offer the Islands from Germany’s North – and Baltic Sea coast an ideal destination for all last minute and many workers who actually do not have time for making holiday. The natural spectacle of the tides, the peace and quiet, sandy beaches, dunes, the vastness of the sky are balm for the stressed-out soul of the town. Visitors to the Northern islets know it: it is important that a piece is to overcome the sea between everyday life and holidays. As soon as the ferry towards the island or the Mainland in the rearview mirror is gone when driving over the bridge, this incomparable feeling of recovery emerges: recharges your battery.

Small Islander typology you live in the city, has no car and, when it comes, in the organic market shop. You’re actually suffering throughout the year under the Traffic noise and reach your neck every morning on the way to the S-Bahn after the smallest slice of heaven. Your hobbies are Yoga and watercolor painting, also you’re going to wheel: you’re Hiddensee. The car-free island off the coast of Rugen is obtained only by boat. 18 km long and shaped like a seahorse \”dat soete Lanneken’ in the sea, two tire width traces of concrete plates make the entire road network in the Heath between the monastery and Vitte. Horse-drawn vehicles take over the service. Visitors ride in the dune Heath between wild orchids and thyme, on the 70-metre-high Bush Hill, the Eagle circles: very Hiddensee is a national park. You love the nature as well as your children. Means relaxation for you something between fun and relaxing, and you feel with your family in an apartment as well as on the camping site, main thing is the atmosphere.

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