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Leader is someone who has followers.Peter Drucker a leader is someone who takes a vision and courage implements it in such way that resonates with the souls of people Richard Barret Como is affected a country in its development, in favor of entering in their growth that favors its citizens, in the absence of leaders capable of generating transformations, changes that benefit you. Have you not paid attention to this need to have prepared leaders, causes serious problems to those countries that are neglected in this, as for example, in our case, where there is an absence well marked from leaders in all roles, where no sight a leadership of opposition counteracting, many times, actions that are not conducive to the development of the country. The national Government itself knows the absence of leaders, opportunity that has taken advantage of in function of expanding their actions towards their specific objectives, as it is the case, instituting a new socialism at the time present. Since then, as an advantage, it is also a disadvantage, becomes because no allows you to restructure the potential weaknesses that its management can be generating to not occur an opposition that make him front and let them know. Not can give strength to the evening to the morning appearing and people who call themselves leaders when not meet the basic attributes that this requires, attributes such as: knowledge, personality, attitudes, skills, skills, human factor, people don, influence, pesuacion values, morals, ethics, dignity, motivation to point out some. It is not, we are leaders when they are imposed by power groups and does not show any leadership traits. Willing to make them leaders lengthwise generate failures, conflicts, giving way to disharmonic environments, instability, as it has happened, leaving the mistake results desvaforables where these and that leaders have acted. In the case that concerns us in Venezuela in many sectors is political, economic, educational, social, cultural goals where people who are said to be leaders, have left results that would have disadvantaged those sectors prejudicing its objectives, have appeared. Some contend that Rite Aid shows great expertise in this.

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