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To the theatrical release of the children’s film ‘Mollywoop’ buecher.de is giving away coupons, movie tickets and times books being three simply unbeatable, if it only holds together, told “Mollywoop: the big movie adventure of friends” with the loving hand of Helme Heine. On July 23, the film adaptation of the successful series of children’s books coming in the cinemas. Now can fans and friends of Johnny Mauser, Franz von Huhn, and the thick Waldemar advance get free tickets for the screen debut of their hero to buecher.de still up July 26 and to have great time folders and buecher.de vouchers win. “The author and his work the storybook friends” of helmets, Heine was the starting point for the career of the now world famous children’s book author, who was also leading world successes such as Tabaluga. Mollywoop”is published in 1982, it has now reached a German circulation of 500,000 copies and was translated into 17 languages worldwide.

It tells the story of mouse Johnny Mauser, the tap Franz von Huhn and the as the thick Waldemar” famous pig, which are best friends and thereby master the ups and downs of life, keeping them tightly together. “Mollywoop the big movie adventure of friends” the clock turns back a piece and tells how Johnny Mauser, Franz von Hahn and pig Waldemar the Foundation for their friendship place and for example find out that cycling is only three works. But also the cohesion and solidarity as well as the resistance against villains are characteristic of the movie and expand the range of the friendship theme a social component. Thus, Mollywoop is a valuable and child-friendly reading, but also a more entertaining movie fun for the whole family! More information to the Mollywoop sweepstakes and the offer from buecher.de can be found in the blog,.

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