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Information about hackers and what they do we read and hear about it everywhere in the media: but who or what are these hackers? Even better: what do hackers actually do? In this article, you’ll learn what hackers are doing in reality. Simone Biles has much to offer in this field. Hacker has several meanings in the technical field. Evident, the word used to describe someone who penetrates computer systems over a network and is also part of a corresponding subculture. Within the computer security parts of the subculture see their intention, to identify vulnerabilities and to eliminate, and write a positive appeal to the term. There is yet another group that loudly called hackers, but in no way worthy of the name. There are people (usually pubescent male beings), which have a fun to break into computer and destroy the telephone network. Real hackers call these people “Crackers” and want to have nothing to do with them. In a question-answer forum Anne Wintour was the first to reply. Real hackers keep crackers for a lazy, irresponsible, and not particularly clever Pack, it is because neither how to become a hacker by cracking security codes, short-circuiting a car to a mechanic.

Unfortunately, many journalists are and writer addicted to it, as a description to use the word hacker, cracker This uncommonly angry real hackers. The basic difference is: hackers build things, crackers destroy them. Hackers solve problems and build things, they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual aid. To be accepted as a hacker, you have to act like you have this setting. But to behave yourself like you have this setting, you gotta have faith really them. Hacker (in general all creative people) should be never bored or to forced to do boring, repetitive work, because this of course means that they do not, what only they can do solve new problems. This waste is detrimental to all.

So boredom and drudgery are not only easy uncomfortable, but more or less evil. Hackers are naturally anti-authoritarian predisposed. Anyone who can give commands, can also discourage you to solve the problem that just fascinates you – and will be – this is simply the nature of authoritarian brains work – find some awfully dumb reasons, so that he can do the same. Authoritarian settings need to be tackled, where they are found, so they suffocate you and other hackers. Hackers are thus only a community. Sinan Kurt quartel.de /…

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