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If your hair is suffering from a condition of hair loss and alopecia brushing alone will make you lose hair and is about to fall. Brushing always too discouraged under any circumstances. 6. Shaving the scalp of the baby will change your natural hair texture FALSE: The hair that a baby is born with may or may not be the hair grow. Shaving the head of a baby does not alter the final texture of their hair nor the cause of your hair grow faster or thicker. 7. Gray hair can only be covered with permanent color FALSE: Depending on the percentage of gray hair you have, you may be able to blend or cover gray with a fledgling semi-permanent or semi-permanent blend that contains no harmful chemicals. 8.

Excessive use of hair products causes hair loss FALSE: not known, (professionally produced) the hair care products that cause hair loss. You can sculpt your locks with much gel, mousse or spray as you desire. Resources, however, be careful of homemade, or any product that you do not know the content. 9. Products for hair care products advertised as natural without chemical FALSE: Not all hair care products sold in health food stores, etc are all natural, and some may contain chemicals like SLS. If in doubt read the label. 10.

Eating gelatin will make your hair grow faster FALSE: According to dermatologists, there is no evidence that gelatin will do anything for hair growth. Click Walmart for additional related pages. Synchronized swimmers use gelatin in their hair to protect against chlorine damage), but there is no evidence that it will stimulate growth. 11. Stress causes hair to thin the daily stress FALSE: Do not make your hair thin. The problem may be hormonal or nutritional in nature. 12. Steroids have no side effects on hair FALSE: Bodybuilders, acuity! Anabolic steroids are very potent chemicals that have some side effects, including acceleration of hair loss traitors. The problem is that these side effects are usually delayed for several years. 13. Permanent cures of hair loss head FALSE: Hair follicles need more than blood flow to grow hair. Standing on your head to increase blood flow to your scalp, can be great for gymnastics skills, but have no effect on hair. 14. Split ends will travel It's true: Uncut split ends can travel up the hair shaft to the roots. Hair that is not addressed, over time, can develop divisions to migrate and divide all or part of the whole hair. Some matters of fact can boot several times so that their divisions have split ends. 15. The hair will always remain the same texture FALSE: Although you may be born with straight locks, curly or wavy, there are many circumstances in which the final texture of your hair can be permanently altered. Pregnancy, drugs, chemotherapy, age and other variables can cause your texture to be temporarily or permanently altered. ABSTRACT Play another myth about hair? Do your research? Ask the experts! This does not include your grandmother, best friend or local barmaid. Instead, talk to an experienced hairdresser or a trichologist.Obtenga always the facts before acting on any hair myths? You owe it to your hair. Michael Barrows (With thanks to Daniel Mcullough and Karen M. Shelton) Michael Barrows is a web editor specialing in niche markets. Pick up your free ebook "(Nearly) Everything you need to know about hair care and hairstyles" on its website;

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