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The distribution of retail activities related to the Health the segment Health are characterized for services given for medical and odontolgicas clinics whose success depends on adequate references propagated the potential customers. You would drug and optics, of its time, constitute enterprises of which it has great demand, especially on the part of more aged populations, that will wait for more competitive prices and bigger convenience. In another way, the funerary services if detach for the inconvenience and the familiar upheaval. In the Center-South, the retail of services and merchandises in favor of the Health engloba 2,067 activities, representing 5% of the total of activities in the region. For the distribution of its equipment, 23 had been selected CNAEs. It enters the quarters with bigger availability of health services sobressaem the Center with 27%, the Efignia Saint, in its traditional Hospital Region, with 23%, and the Employees with 9%.

Among the ways they are distinguished it Alfonso Penalty, most in the Center with 7%, the Av. of the Contour with 6.4%, and Amazon with 3,8%. The distribution of the retail activities related to the Education the segment Education is represented, in its bigger part, for isolated enterprises, distanciados of the competition, implanted in ways of easy access and great circulation, demanding good infrastructure. The frequency with that it is looked for by its customers is submitted to the power of its mark and the vacant availability in the offered courses, what it can establish intense disputes and, thus, a decision very planned by its act of contract. Institutions of education are characterized for the rendering of services, while stationery stores and bookstores, for the sales of durable and semidurable goods. The service of the Education 4,913 activities in the region meet, what it represents 12% of the total of activities. For its analysis 42 had been selected CNAEs. On the distribution of the education institutions, in its more diverse formats, they are distinguished the Center with 24% of the total, Employees with 11%, and the Lourdes with 9%.

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