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The farther your apartment located to the coast, the less they cost. For example, complex "Sunny Day 6 (Sunny Day 6) is located 3 km from Sunny Beach. But interest in it due to a very low price for the apartments: from 590 euro / metr.kv. On The complex has available facilities and entertainments of any kind, which provide quite a comfortable retreat away from the sea: shopping center, fitness center and spa, clinic, restaurant with terrace, cafe and piano bar, supermarket and shops, beauty salon, hairdresser, reception, 5 outdoor pools, 2 tennis courts, football, basketball, sports and playgrounds. But the problem is the distance from the coast can easily be solved with the help of a good transport. Buses will connect with the center of the resort complex, the beach, shops and attractions. The complex Panorama Beach, located on the beach in Nessebar and offers stunning views from the windows of the old town. Price per square meter of housing in it already from two thousand euros.

Ski resorts price per meter square, of course determines the distance to a functioning lift. So in a newly built apartment complex Edeland Ridge will cost from forty thousand euros. The complex is located 2 km from the existing lift, but interest in it is called in close proximity to golf course. Well as development of the territory other complexes in the future provides for the construction of a new lift. Nestled among the mountains complex Royal Towers Bansko attracts not only the proximity of the lift, but its majestic views. This is truly a Vacation expensive luxury with a good trim and expensive furniture. The cost of meter will cost you a half thousand euros.

But it is worth the money. Secondly, the willingness of the complex. It's no secret that the most successful investment of money at the stage of investment. Value construction of apartments in Bulgaria increases as they become available. Because housing built complex Royal Garden range from 1,600 to 2,000 euros per square meter. But even this is not stopped many from buying apartments in the finished buildings, and opportunity to select the desired number of meters, beautiful view from the windows of your home and good planning. Much more interesting to buy property in Bulgaria, if there is a choice of a large number of proposals. Our new River Land projects in Borovets and July Morning in Kavarna, provide not only low prices, which certainly will increase with time, but give a good guarantee that your money does not settle in the pocket of crooked seller. Guarantor of the project that we can offer you, a bank, "the Alliance", in which money will be until you receive the documents of ownership.

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