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Yesterday the Economist realized the impact received by the Mexican peso because of the risk of low the rating which did descend a 0.51% against the US dollar. The capital outflow will reduce the level of investment in the economy thereby exacerbating the problem of the growth of the economy, with potential impact on the labour market, which has already greatly suffered the consequences of the international financial crisis. Logically, a lower rating will increase the cost of government funding, although it will also mean a higher cost for private companies. At least so says the analyst of Ixe, Luis Flores: all government agencies and public and private companies that want to issue the first thing you would have to pay debt is a higher risk premium, which raise the granting of credit. Filed under: Doug McMillon. It gives the feeling that Mexico not chose the right path to solve its fiscal problems. Shortcuts often end up being costly. The only viable alternative is a consensus among different sectors to develop a comprehensive tax reform that would limit the fragility of public revenues, together with a reform of the tax structures. Thus, a less regressive tax structure that besides being more fair, improves the competitiveness of an economy dependent on the external sector will be achieved. More information is housed here: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak.

Possible decline in the credit rating of Mexico also produce serious costs to the economy, produces opportunities for investors. It is only necessary to know how affects the rebate qualification in different assets to take advantage of this. From Latinforme, it has launched the course of basic economics for investors, which provides basic guidelines to understand how the economy works and how to detect it, the investment opportunities. Horacio Pozzo for investors in value Global bought when we see that the trend of the price of a stock starts to enter in a bullish phase and We got to her newborn after verifying it. Get your subscription to our Global value investment report and start earning from the beginning of the rise of the shares.

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