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The field of Malaga was not in the best position to play a good game, at first seemed likely to be one of those ball games to the area from the midfield, crashes, clashes between players, faces of suffering in the rain and muddy players to the eyebrows, but the boat went out to play as though he knows the circumstances, the ball did not move as fast as they like. Yet in a free kick by Xavi released near the area, ended in a goal, the custom of marking in the opening minutes was not lost and Barcelona and was ahead. Then later on a play well made by the Malaga Valdes were before, this managed to stop the first shot but the second was a well-placed kick and I was no longer able to stop and Malaga achieve the draw. But do not take much to put Barca in the second goal, this time by Messi, was the 18th minute and it had been three goals, two from Barcelona and one from Malaga. The two teams tried with little success to score a goal more but I get to rest with this result. The second half started well for all Catalans, then Xavi scored his second goal of the game and third of the ship to go with the head of Henry, was the 53rd minute of the match. As the minutes passed it was obvious that the players were tired, playing almost swampy ground is harder, but those who were worse off Malaga were no longer running after the ball as they did at the beginning and these came the fourth for the club, a free kick by Alves bounced off the foot of Wellington and came into his own net.

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