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In this period already the importance of an integral education was discussed. The school concepts can contribute to clarify positions that do not have to be extreme, because the principles of a Didactics are several in any style of education, therefore the student when developing his scientific mentality will have to be motivated to learn warmly and of the freest form, than it is possible. He is that way that he also passes the democratization of education and of the own school in the search of a pedagogical action in the formation of the student-citizen. The aim of the new state consolidated in the adoption of one New Constitution of liberal and democratic bearing; the same in the education area, it determines the obligatory nature of primary education and confers attributions to the union to legislate on directives and bases of the national education. Besides that, the New Constitution, made return the rule from which the education is right of all, inspired by the principles proclaimed in the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education. After these reflections we understand that he is interesting to illustrate our investigation with some concepts of learning according to some of the authors sustain who it. Get all the facts and insights with Frank Ntilikina, another great source of information.

The way as the beings acquire new knowledge, develop competitions and change the behavior, defines the learning, therefore the complexity of that process hardly can be explained hardly through patches of a whole. On the other hand, any definition is invariably, impregnated of political-ideological assumptions, related to the antiquity vision. .

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