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While the world blows up in volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis and violence, we mask our fear constructing a bridge fed for the illusion, in leading until the feet of some the few men, endeusados for the soccer who had played and the money that had obtained. I do not know if I see them as winning or opportunist, the fact is that graciously they feed its fame and keep its status while hundreds of thousand of Brazilians attend, twist and suffer. He is one in such a way constrangedor one to observe a nation of spotted face biting a green cloth – yellow, spilling tears of agony front to a supposed frieza, indifference or perhaps incapacity. Great part does not remember for who voted in the last election, however, ' ' conhece' ' each Brazilian athlete, its teams, age, weight, been civil, RG, gols marked, gols defended, etc. we do not import in them as they walk the referring denunciations and inquiries the offered bribes and accepted bribes, but we worry in them if Argentina gained or lost that game, in that day. We do not paint the face stops a civilized protest, however we draw a flag and we paint the nose to observe 11 athletes walking in field. Sunday, day 17 of July of 2011, I could not leave to observe two transmitted simultaneous games in the opened TV, in a canal the world-wide end of feminine soccer: Japan and U.S.A., and in another canal that obviously all we know which is: Brazil and Paraguay. The difference in the two games was clear. The feminine game was much more ' ' pegado' ' , run, sweated, emotive. The masculine game was as always the grace of ' ' a full field of areia' ' , that is, determined for ' ' inmeras' ' difficulties faced for ours ' ' heris' '.

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