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This also does not want to say that the collective sport is left of side, therefore all the pupils charges this content, but its didactics can more be contextualizada being able inseriz them in the lessons with videos, periodical news articles, in the TV, relating the sports played in the school and the professional, the sport and the health and as well as not cited others. The professor must rethink pedagogical practical its so that this reflexiva saddle, with new interventions, evaluations and sistematizaes in a continuous movement. The position of the professor front to new a proposal curricular of physical education. The procedure that must have a professor compromised in first place, is its professional update, followed of planning and quality of the lessons where it will have to occur to the diversification of the activities, to teach, to control, to correct and to follow the evolution of the pupils and the understood frequency as not to lack to the lessons; beyond the methodology and content adopted for the professor who has impact in the formation of the pupils. The study it has for objective to analyze positions of professors of Physical Education, and as these can influence in the development of the pertaining to school environment, and mainly inside of the environment considered and analyzed in the work the cooperative environment. It is important to inside analyze the importance of the paper of the professor of the process education learning, this paper goes beyond the professor to only teach the necessary content, if he makes important that it prepares this pupil for the life in society, paper that left exclusively of being of the family, the professor also must know to analyze which its applied methodologies, to argue as he must be the relationship professor and pupil, what he is of utmost importance. Inside of the cooperative environment, to verify its benefits, mainly in relation to the development of the autonomy, therefore an independent individual has capacity to take its proper decisions, to display its ideas with bigger easiness, without fear to make a mistake, also can inside develop of this environment some slight knowledge of moral values, of mutual respect, to know as to live in society, and above all to show that in this environment in such a way the professor how much the pupil is of utmost importance, both must walk together, in partnership system, but always one respecting the space of the other, we will see that this is not impossible is enough to want to try new proposals.

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