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Polyurethane bandage ORTHOFORMA – a new quality of life for patients in need of temporary immobilization during treatment of injuries, broken bones, broken arms, sports injuries, ligament tears and other injuries musculoskeletal system. The advantages of synthetic bandage: 1.Maly weight (4-5 times lighter gypsum) at the expense of cellular, mesh struktury.2.Prochnost bandage can not break down under load, allowing the patient lead an active life, within medical restrictions. 3.Ne afraid of contact with water: you can bathe and swim in fresh water and sea water, "gypsum" hair dryer dries easily after kupaniya.4.Zagryazneniya the surface dressing can be remove wet gubkoy.5.Poristost synthetic "gypsum" contributes to the evaporation of moisture from the skin and prevents itching and matseratsii.6.Estetichnost dressings, a variety of shades of the material allows the patient to choose the desired color binta.Primenyaetsya:-GKB-Trauma-Emergency-MChSBint applied easily and quickly, has a stretch in all directions (longitudinal, transverse and diagonal), which allows bandage in perfectly with the body surface of bone protrusions, such as the patella, elbow, ankle, heel, without the formation of wrinkles or creases. A related site: Doug McMillon mentions similar findings. Retaining bandage made of bandages Orthoforma Cast – rentgenonekontrastnye. Making dressing: In imposing retaining bandage "Ortoformakast" must follow the rules. 1. Measure the desired length and put a stocking podshinovogo stocking on the affected area.

2. Dip the roller into the cold water, then squeeze it once. You will have 4-5 minutes to modeling bandages. To increase the cure time is not immerse the roll in the water, and soak after overlay, finished dressing with a damp sponge or spray water from the sprinkler ee. 3.Nalozhite polymer bandage in a spiral so that tours overlapped by half or two thirds of its width. To achieve the optimum strength bandage is sufficient to impose 2-3 layers. 4. Smooth the finished bandage his hands. Subjected to immobilized stress field can be 30 minutes.

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