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Polypropylene sheet – its production is carried out by continuous extrusion of polymer material. As a raw material for polypropylene sheet used two-homogenous granules polypropylene. Polypropylene sheets may differ in their properties, color and surface quality, the degree of its smoothness and durability. According to these characteristic features of lists are divided into two types. In addition to the method of extrusion, for production of sheets having greater thickness can be used by pressing technology. Polypropylene is preferable to many other materials because of their positive qualities.

It is characterized by the absence of water absorption, resistance to chemically aggressive environments, the possibility of using all kinds of acids, excellent dielectric properties. In addition, PP does not pass gas and water. Elasticity and plastic characterize the quality of the material depending on the temperature. In comparison with the metal polypropylene distinguishes that at the same mass strength polypropylene construction due to higher mechanical quality of material. Polypropylene plates have high tensile strength, keeping the load statistic type, three to four times higher than that which can withstand the products of polyethylene. Connections propylene and ethylene and other polymers to increase properties such as resistance to low temperatures, the toughness, so the products of these copolymers little crack. The scope of such products is wide. Polypropylene sheet serves as the material for the production of containers for the needs of many fields of industry, such as chemical and food industries, the petrochemical and electronic fields, radio and metallurgical industries, the scope for electronic and others.

Sheet Polypropylene is used in the engineering field in the presence of plants on sites electroplating or chemical plants. By Polypropylene is used in the device for ventilation of chemical prolizvodstvah. In the production of household goods also polypropylene is used. For example, plastic boxes, plastic boxes, containers water storage boxes for planting and storage of small items. There are many other products which are made of this material. You can call the construction industry, where applicable polypropylene casing, decorative elements, pools and advertising signs, coasters and plates, various visors. For printing on polypropylene sheets, they are double-sided pre-treatment by corona discharge. Application details and drawings to print sheet poliprovilen different. This hot stamping, engraving and laser and silkscreen. These methods allow us to obtain a qualitative application of logos, symbols necessary, notices a congratulatory nature. Polypropylene sheets are cut perfectly for connecting sheets of used welding. Today, there are three variants of welding: polifuzionnaya, welding extruder or a gun (hair dryer). The first type of welding produces the most reliable seal. At polifuzionnoy welding the joined ends of the parts are heated by a special device to the desired temperature, the time and pressed against each other with the necessary force. The resulting joint has a strength equal to 80-90 percent strength of the polypropylene. Welding using manual extruder type does not give such strength, because usually added filler wire made of polypropylene, which previously melted in the rotating parts extruder. With this type of welding can not achieve the same level of pressure and equal to the speed of welding, but this can not affect the strength of the resulting seam. Polypropylene sheets hold and move with the help of special pallets. They can be transported on conventional machines. When transporting sheets is to consolidate and better after laying close to the sheets have been damaged. Store sheets of polypropylene can be on level ground, the best option to store them in special trays. When stacking the sheets enclose a special material.

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