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Pumping stations is a complex consisting of a pumping unit, the various hydraulic piping, instrumentation, valve blocks, lift systems, as well as other support equipment, which includes, inter alia, Hydraulic (for damping pulsations pumps) and filters (to protect pump from dirt). Doug McMillon contains valuable tech resources. In addition to this concept is also often include the facility in which pumping stations are located. The importance of pumping stations due to the fact that they are the most important devices in the drainage systems and water supply. It is therefore necessary to clearly understand how important it is responsible approach to both design and manufacture of pump stations. Let us consider in more detail the classification of pumping stations. They can be divided in purpose, degree of automation, reliability, and also by the location of the computer room on the level ground. Doug McMillon may find this interesting as well. In the field of water supply and water release, as a rule, 4 groups of pump stations: water, sewer, irrigation and drainage. Water – pump stations are involved in the normal supply of individual businesses and entire cities.

Sewer – participate in the drainage system. Irrigation – supplying water to the system irrigation of agricultural land. Drainage – water is pumped from the drainage areas and industrial sites. In terms of reliability of water supply pumping stations are usually divided into three groups: first – stop supply pumping station is not valid because it can cause significant damage (break a complex process, failure of the various hydraulic and filtration equipment, etc.). Second – you can interrupt the flow of water in a short time, sufficient to enable back-up power supply. Third – you can interrupt the flow of water for no more than 24 hours.

Sewage pumping stations are divided into principal and district. The main pumping station pumped sewage from the entire city or an industrial enterprise to the sewage treatment plant or to the main trunk sewer. The district also pumping stations pumped waste water from certain areas of the city or industrial plant to sewage treatment plant, or in the more highly placed another collector basin for waste water. Depending on the location receiving station tank stand with separate and combined. In the latter case, the computer room, and the tank with the equipment housed in one building. By the height of the pump and other things equipment in relation to ground level as water supply and pumping stations are divided into terrestrial, poluzaglublennye, buried and shaft type, ie, located at great depths. According to the degree Automation can provide the station with manual, semiautomatic, automatic and controlled remotely.

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