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All of these work and costs that are often included in the regulations and are presented for payment, included in the rules and contractor overhead costs to be paid separately can not be. When paying customer of the works that are performed after the date of the object in operation is necessary to clarify the rationale for and source of funding for these works, as well as in such cases, additional targeted funding, as a rule, be granted. One of the most common violations is that the repair of buildings and structures, when the objects are registered on the balance of the customer and are in operation, with the contractors do not hold the value of the electricity consumed for the job. Costs contractor for the consumed electricity rates in the acts included in the form of COP-2, and the customer should not be re-compensated. If found to overestimate the value works in the form of acts of COP-2 reduces the amount of customer over-funding or payable to the contracting organization (according to the Regulation on accounting of long-term investments approved by the Russian Ministry of Finance letter of 30.12.1993 N 160). Construction and repairs that are performed at an altitude forests provide for the application (inventory and neinventarnyh), the cost of installation and disassembly of which in some cases is a large part of the total amount of work. It should be keep in mind that the use of forests neinventarnyh allowed only in the repair of complex facades of architectural forms and the availability of project justification. .

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