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My name is Sergei Ivanov. I am 43 goda.Ya-handyman in the house where I live, everybody knows me. If the neighbors that something is broken, everyone knows whom to call to fix it. I am for a half-bottle 'some water of life' is ready to deal. I do not hide – I love to drink. Jobs I like that. I – the chief mechanic. A specialty I – Electric, with the highest level.

And my passion – electricity meters. Once I saw a little electricity meters and a well-known companies – and just caught fire – small, such little more than a match box. All agreed to – put his home into an apartment of this, though, the neighbors to envy, on your consolation. Solve a decided, but my bad luck was – in Russia, they are not officially available (and unofficially – too)! But I not from those who can be so fast to frighten all sorts of difficulties there – a retired officer, after all! Moreover, the captain of the third rank (in a major overland)! So, one evening sitting with friends – kid scored, we had a drink for three to complete, the second got And then it dawned on me – everything I say go, say, abroad, buy myself a cool meter. In the vacation, I say, go for it. Friends have turned the temple and say, 'not a fig you fail' – they say. Say, you your ass on the couch with the tv you can not tear, but here – abroad, the electric meter.

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