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The fact, that before this reality, in recent Assembly General of professors held at UCV, which agreed to declare the professorial conflict University, by the serious deterioration of living conditions and employment of teachers, and internal threats outside of its system of social security, insufficient wage remuneration, the number of accumulated labor debts and chronic budget deficits of the University to fulfil its functions of teaching, research, outreach and community services, several teachers, young and smart, intervened to emphasize their professional training and academic merits and meager salaries that receive. To all these setbacks, that without any doubt can discourage anyone, even to a young person, which explains the exodus of Venezuelan youth and undercapitalization that because such experience abroad, we must add that the salaries are paid to untimely and incomplete manner, with what counteracts the most elementary laws in the salarial-laboral field. The Venezuelan State has with the University professors debts by multiple concepts, all arising from the employment relationship so it is not worth his identification with any Government, but with the State as employer. Once more we insist, that it is unfortunate, that the national Government, neglects education, use much demagoguery, and no concrete facts, and it can make, since it has all media, providing all the assistance that they require public universities to operate effectively. Since then, determining the scope that it raised in favour of their plans of action and their cooperation in achieving the objectives set. Hopefully, be true that proclaims the Government, to n this new context, teachers of higher education in Venezuela have the moral as a source for improving value to man in terms of being man, in his will, in his freedom, in your reason, moral courage take us to build a more critical and humane man as a philosophical premise. If everything this is, must the Government, his Ministry, conform more to respect values, be fair in handling its functions ensuring cost-effectiveness of providing Venezuelans education of excellence, offering them to universities, righteous budgets for its operation, social responsibility and certainly wages ensuring a quality of life that corresponds to their teachers more, when they have been formed with many sacrifices, dedication in order that in his practice, cooperate in training professionals in the various disciplines that favour the development of the country.

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