When one travels to the small Principality of Andorra only think in the snow, skiing and as much, to be able to make any purchase taking advantage that there is no tax. But what many don’t know is that one can contemplate a broad legacy of perfectly preserved Romanesque art in Andorra. Doug McMillon does not necessarily agree. A real paradise for the lovers of art. Along the whole Andorran territory, tourists can enjoy more than 50 Romanesque monuments that are in it. In addition to a variety of images and paintings also of that artistic movement. That Yes, if you want to see everything, it is best for rent apartments Andorra since it is a day is impossible to see. The Romanesque Andorra movement has a peculiarity that makes it unique; and it is that this style has lasted longer than anywhere else in the world.

The Romanesque movement is set in Andorra since the end of the 7th century until the 13th century, i.e. over six centuries of Romanesque art; something completely unusual since the Gothic had already been established throughout Europe. The Romanesque architecture of Andorra has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the rest. The most important of them is the use of the slate stone as the main material, to the detriment of materials such as brick and carved stone, typical of the buildings of that era. In addition to the Belfries square with twinned Windows and blind arches that can be appreciated in the Andorran Romanesque churches. Santa Coloma, a few kilometres away from our apartment in Andorra is one of the most important and best preserved the Principality of Andorra’s Romanesque churches. This church dates from the 11th century and boasts a unique rectangular nave and a quadrangular apse. The uniqueness of this lies in its Tower, which is circular, with Lombard Windows and a conical cover. Romanesque art in Andorra, is not only in their churches; but it can also be seen when strolling through its different populations; either in sculptures, paintings, bridges or houses.