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Preparing to purchase First, try to buy a car without one. The seller will 'push', extolling their wares. Together with someone psychologically easier to withstand this pressure, in addition, more eyes will see the car, the higher the probability of detecting hidden defects, which will help in any case, reduce the cost of buying a car What to bring: compressometer; small magnet wrapped in a cloth, light (less is better); small mirror; cloth (something should wipe your hands, and beneath the knees sometimes required); screwdrivers (Phillips and flat); candle key: a small set of open ended spanner (8,10,11,12). Car inspection check vehicle documents Inspection of the vehicle must begin with the verification of documents – passports vehicle (TCP) and, if the car is not removed from the register, the registration certificate. In cases Clearing cars should focus Column 'Customs restrictions' in the ob, where there should be a record 'is not installed' or 'alienation is permitted', confirming that all fees are paid. For vehicles imported to Belarus recently, too big difference between the dates of customs clearance and appeared on the market may indicate that the car was brought in not suitable for use as and subjected to prolonged recovery. If find the documents ruffled paper fibers, stains on the chemical etched, stamps, masking the original recording, dorisovku strokes, bypass imprinting records or records with a different printer or typewriter – all signs of forgery. Advance look at the cars of this model in which place shall be marked.

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It is well-known phrase, that car – it's not a luxury but a means of transportation. But, alas, is uncommon that a vehicle would be desirable, and funds for its purchase is not enough, as the price of cars today is high. The way out of this situation may be purchasing a used car. To begin with, that in your car you must arrange it. Start searching for cars with the collection of information about the proposals on the market machines. There is always you can get help friends, and various magazines and, of course, the Internet.

"And you can try the exact same, but blue? "- So she asked a sales consultant at the famous advertising. When choosing a car, the principle of "the main thing to suit sitting "does not play a role. Nevertheless, the model parameters and, of course, the color – that's exactly what you need to pay attention. So, you stop your choice on a few cars. It's time to explore the "stuffing". Here you will help come friends, professionals, and, of course, the informational luggage that you have already collected. Tips seller-consultant should also be considered, because his professionalism can help you find what you need you. Nevertheless, sales – is the main problem is the seller and must be considered.

Regardless of what you are buying, buying a used car is always relatively risky. Look at the car better and Reduce the risk to a minimum, after all – it's still not the same thing that you can "throw paint yes." A good option – find auto show, which earned a good reputation in the market sales of cars from hand to hand. Since this cabin you must be warned about the presence of a marriage. Suggest that determine the order for what you are buying a car. Will you travel the back roads, or you are waiting for travel on a paved city? Choosing a car, pay attention to their own feelings, rather than the name of the famous brand. The main thing – to choose what you want, because the car "at the age of" may well "run" and be in excellent condition.