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Soon, we must warn the people who if follow with the escarnecedores so that they come back of this way of darknesses before she does not have return, because God, who is light, does not support the iniquity (treason, badness, concupiscncias of the life) (Tiago 1:19 – 25). II? What in it says the word to them of God When it speaks of wars we speak of desunio, of the lack of agreement, wisdom, the lack of love, dialogue between the people. This it occurs in the homes, the work, the schools, between neighbors and nations. Since the remote times, before the coming of Jesus to this land, the wars, the declared enemies existed, as well as today. Obviously that the used weapons at that time are not compared of today, as well as I do not believe that such existed a degree of badnesses which if it sees in this present time. Read more here: Tom Brady. They exist, however, the wars spirituals, stopped in the celestial regions, led for principalities and powers, against the dominadores of this tenebrous world, against the forces spirituals of the evil and that they reach in them of harmful form.

Soon, when we are pursued such which destined canine tooth the death, we must remembering in them that our fight is not against meat and blood (man) but yes against these occult forces (Efsios 6:12). The Holy Writs say in them: ' ' Headquarters fortified in Mr. and the force of its power. I coated you of all the armor of God, to be able to be firm against the ambushes of the devil You take all the armor of God so that you can resist badly in day e, after having looser everything, remaining inabalveis. Stays, therefore, firm, cingindo you with the truth and being dressed of the harness of justice. You always pave the feet with the preparation of evangelho of the peace, embraando the shield of the faith, with which you will be able to erase all the inflamed darts of the malignant one.

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The Christian conversion demands change of behavior and attitudes, therefore only thus, we could be lined up the Christ, and, with this, to inherit the Perpetual Salvation. In case that contrary, those people who are ' ' playing of crente' ' , that is, nobody chooses the day to go the Church to adore the Christ (therefore church not saved), but in another one, they come back to reverenciar the Satan: ' ' We know that we are of God and that the whole world is in maligno' ' (1 Jo 5,19), they will suffer a terrible sentence on the part from God, as it tells the Parabola of the Two Servants, registered in Mateus 24,45-51, where it is distinguished verses 50,51: TM 24,50, 51: …, will come you of that servant in one day where it does not wait and to the hour where it does not know; will separate it, and will destine its part with the hypocritical ones; there it will have pranto and to creak of teeth. Therefore, loved brothers, he is imperious to present Jesus Christ and its Genuine Word to this people, fulfilling one of its bigger orders: ' ' said to them: IDE for the whole world, you nail the Evangelho to all creature. Learn more about this with Frank Ntilikina. Who to believe and will be baptized will be saved; but who not to believe will be condenado' ' (Landmarks 16,15, 16). It is of its entire will that all are safe (converted), independently of social classroom, race, sex, color etc. Is necessary to present the Evangelho de Christ of true form they, who knows thus, we consiguimos to save some. EDUARDO VERONESE DA SILVA Minister of the Assembly of God? Cariacica/ES Professor of the IBADEP and the EBD Full Licenciatura in Physical Education – UFES Bachelor in law? FABAVI/ES Specialist in Military law? UCB/RJ