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Once we have all heard talk of empty calories, and although we know that the calorie refers to a unit of energy, today we tell what are empty calories and how to limit them in the kitchen to get a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet… What foods have empty calories? Fried foods: French fries, fried chicken, patties and everything what to cook that way bring us almost 570kcal with 30 g fat, 8 g of trans fat and virtually no nutrients. Sweets: candies, sweets, soft drinks and desserts we bring about. A can of soda with sugar brings 130kcal and little or nothing of nutrients. Alcoholic beverages: a can of beer adds you unnecessary 150kcal. It also promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Refined grains: biscuits, white rice and white bread. While some are sources of fibre and vitamin B, it mostly gives too many calories compared with its nutrients. How to avoid empty calories? Avoid fried foods. Who not is done water mouth with a dish of French fries? Without a doubt, a delicious dish but at the same time an example of junk food. One of the best ways to care for us is to reduce fried foods: instead of frying, searches for other cooking methods. Meals cooked in the oven are healthier than the chips. Avoid soft drinks. The drinks queue are very rich and refreshing, but fattening even in light versions.

It aims to quench your thirst with water or juices. It eats fruits. Instead of soothe the hunger with a packet of biscuits, it is best to go to the fridge in search of a fruit, one of the most healthy and delicious foods that exist. Fruits are the opposite to the empty calories: provide many nutrients and very few calories to take care of your silhouette. Tipping you for whole grains. These provide us with fiber and antioxidants. Replaces the slices of white bread for breakfast by some of whole-wheat bread or change Candy corn flakes to oatmeal.