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The sleep coach shows children, when it is time to stand up for children the inner clock is different than in adults; they start the day as soon as they open their eyes. Many parents know to sing a song, when the young early in the morning awake and quietschen hilarious in her bed, while they would like to even sleep. What to do? Pleas and admonitions not help here, especially since the little ones still cannot read well the clock. Rafael Nadal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. As a professional need, bringing with them when it is time to sleep and time to get up. Such sleep “is a SAM. He is always like a good friend; He stands next to the crib/Cot, goes with the kids to sleep and wakes up with them.

“Through simple symbols and a clear color, it helps to understand them as adults in a playful way the term time” define: time to go to bed SAM goes to sleep, when parents bring their children to bed. He closes his eyes, and his light blue. He changed that a little more time half an hour before SAM opens the eyes, His display of blue to green color. Time to get SAM opens his eyes, the display is light blue and shows the Sun. All features of SAM are very easy to program and can be customized to an individual needs. Sam’s personal data: SAM can be used also as an alarm clock. He has two alarm settings, a certain time (about every morning at seven o’clock) or the desired sleep time (for example 120 minutes for the NAP) set can.

The alarm can be activated or turned off and set regardless of the desired wake-up time. The illuminated display doubles as a night light. She can remain switched on all night or are so programmed, that she goes out after 5, 15 or 30 minutes. SAM works with AC power (adapter included) and batteries (4 x AA not included). He is approx. 14 x 20 cm (H x W) and suitable for children from the age of 2. The sleep coach SAM of the Dutch company ZAZU can you order among other things on the Internet at. EIA: 49.90 – Press Office literally

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I want to remind you that we, the team of Kidssicher, a children’s page about the have 2008 UEFA European Football Championship online. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to remind you that we, the team of Kidssicher, a children’s page about the have 2008 UEFA European Football Championship online. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Marc Lore. EM-2008 kids page with tip game for kids is on em2008 or / .at / .ch to find. The UEFA European Football Championship 2008 will take place from 7 to 29 June 2008 in Austria in Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Vienna and of Switzerland in Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich. Children will find very much information on the teams (player, coach, epithet, year of Foundation, national anthem and much more), schedules (to the print) and stages (location, capacity, built, floor plan, and more), and also can join the game and there are of course great prizes to be won. We wish you and of course the children have fun and good luck on our side. (Not to be confused with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak!). With friendly Regards Robert Slagter for more information: contact person for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland: Robert Slagter Hoogezand, Netherlands Tel.: 0031 (0) 598 – 35 11 88 mobile: 0031 (0) 6 11 29 00 47 E-Mail: Web:

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High-quality online educational game offers for children need to be expensive. Rather they can be played for free and tested, so to get a first impression. Many parents will have heard, that there are always better and pedagogically valuable online children educational games. It the impression may be created however many, that this high-quality educational games also cost a lot which is not the case. Many of these kids educational game deals can be played completely free of charge, and can be tested.

Online games are for children an excellent tool, knowledge and skills to learn and practice they need for success at school. These games are fun from supposedly dry and boring themes namely exactly the opposite! Whether mathematics, art, social studies or even the first English vocabulary with fun convey the first valuable learning experiences children educational games playful. Addressed to children of ages 4-8, the exciting kids educational game worlds offer a safe and ad-free Environment to explore the own possibilities. Not only the new medium of the Internet will be met through the playful use with mouse and keyboard, but also interactively new abilities discovered. Free kids educational games train: computing & mathematics reasoning Retentivity vocabulary alphabet & letters debate geography dealing with computer colors & shapes for example, Ravensburger these are problem-solving ability the manufacturer of online educational games for children, or Toggo Super RTL, have not evolved only TuV tested safety on the flag written rather parents, teachers and children want to convince, that learning and the expansion of knowledge with fun can be connected to! The free kids educational games teach important school-related topics, which have been developed and designed high-quality and child-friendly by experienced media educators in a fun and exciting way. Thanks to this online children games it’s for the kids of these days much easier, mathematics, spelling, or Languages to learn, because the educational game worlds are designed so that not only dry theory must be studied. The games help that makes learning fun again, and in addition to stimulating creativity, motivation and imagination of children. by Jannick Moss HA 2011