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It has, also, a basic problem of solvncia*. (grifo and boldface ours) Thus, thick way, exists well more paper that money! * SOLVENCY (16) State of being able you meet maturing obligations they eats due. Of another side, similarly to the which had case of speculation badly succeeded to ' ' time insuficiente' ' (LTCM), before mentioned, it can also occur that determined speculation it comes to spoil due to. In this direction, we arrive to sketch some aspects of similar thing to such hypothesis in item 4 of our work ' ' That hours are in the clock of the market? ' ' , as it is followed: ' ' time in demasia' ' … Exemplificando, the objective of ' ' determinado' ' financial capital, as deep hedge is simply to carry through profit. On the other hand, a pension fund can keep its reserves techniques applied in changeable income, while it waits the retirement of its associates. It is accurately there that a negative surprise can appear! In other terms, it can have a esboroamento of the capital, when you remain only ' ' comprado' ' , since ' ' true forma' ' of the value it will start if to disclose with passing of the time, therefore cyclical factors will start if to reveal. In other terms, one alias process exists to harvest the fruit, as ahead we will see.

Thus, if you are ' ' located in the Mercado' ' you are making some thing. You not it is making NOTHING. You are participating of an appositive one. the characteristics of risk of an appositive one cannot be eliminated. Thick way, its Capital is at risk. Finally, as in the before boarded case, of ' ' demand lack efetiva' ' , also it can come to occur a badly-succeeded speculation due to one ' ' demand in demasia' '. Thus, they seem are. In such article technician, the author French economist Frdric exemplifica Lordon as. In other terms, as before we mention, the TRENDS ' PONZI' OF the MARKETS (14) the speculative bubbles are supported in an impossible hypothesis: of that new investors will enter in the money market, to support the profits of that they had arrived to antesqualquer speculation, failed or well-occurred, it is always a question of timing! In summary, ours to see, we can classify the mentioned cases of speculation in the present work, as well as its respective causes, as it is followed: LTCM ' ' ' ' ; INSUFFICIENT TIME? North American REAL ESTATE BUBBLE ' ' LACK OF DEMAND EFETIVA' ' ; SOCIAL SECURITY (PENSION FUND) ' ' TIME IN DEMASIA' ' or ' ' IT OFFERS EFETIVA' ' ; In similar way, to the one of the North American, above-named REAL ESTATE BUBBLE, we think that the continuum and indiscriminate creation of pension fund and of stock fund are imposed as an essential beacon in the potential constitution of a burstil bubble of enormous ratios

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Without doubt the best thing than always to presented/displayed Pro Evolution Soccer has been its jugabilidad and this version does not remain back. The game responds to the commandos well who one gives him, being fluid, comfortable and easy to develop the ideas that we must to face the rival. The controls are simple to use but it has modified certain regates incorporating them to you shoot with an arrow of direction (or left handle), which has a positive aspect because they are more accessible, but also has a negative aspect that often is made present when we tried to make an abrupt change of direction and is interpreted like the commando for regate not glided that can make us lose the ball. Although the controls are fluid and respond well, complica to the hour to defend, since to mark, to drain spaces and to correctly position the defender to cut the rival advance it is complicated, but with patience and practice it is possible to be obtained. Another defect that presents/displays the defense is the exits of the arquero, since this it is not used to taking off itself of three woods to off-hook a center (unless the ball goes to its location), which can be appreciated when in a corner shot the attackers are placed in the edge or within the small area and when executing the serve, unique the able ones to clear the zone are the defenders because the arquero does not leave its position, this way become goals that easily had avoided. A negative characteristic that cannot be let pass through stop is not the great lack of licenses, many equipment do not have its original names nor its t-shirts, like it happens to the glasses, we either hope that someday we pruned to enjoy a PES totally licensed. Although these details can remain to the experience of videojuego, it is possible to emphasize that the quality of simulation that presents/displays the title will do that we pruned to play time and time again finding in each party satisfaction sufficient to maintain the boredom and the weariness to the margin. .

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They also contemplate this category: salesmen, dressmakers, bordadeiras, estofadores, masons, workers of preparation of foods and drinks, manufacture and confection of paper and cardboard, workers of tourism services, workers of protection and personal security guard (that they are not part of regional unions), waiters, collectors of collective transport (that they are not part of regional unions), barmen, painters, plumbers, soldering irons, chapeadores, mounters, ceramists, vidreiros, fiandeiros, teceles, tingidores, jewelers, workers of tanning, clerical silversmith, operators of machines, digitizers, operators of telemarketing, attendants and comissionrios of services of passengers, workers of the energy net electric and telecommunications, masters and foremen, marceneiros, mechanical workers of usinagem of metals, adjusters, mounters of machines, operators of installations of chemical processing and supervisors of production and industrial maintenance. Obs.: In some regions unions exist and collective conventions of these categories, of which, they will be able to practise different So Paulo minimum wage of the considered one for the Government of the State of So Paulo. The third band goes of R$ 620,00 for R$ 710,00 (14.52% of increase), that they are represented by the following professions: agricultural administrators (farming and forest), workers of services of hygiene and health, heads of services of transports and communications, supervisors of purchases and sales, agents technician in sales and representatives commercial, operators of station of radio and TV, equipment of sound equipment and cinematographic projection and technician in electronics. Source of the information: Secretariat of the Job and Relations of the Work, being able to be also consulted the site They will be benefited by return 1 million of people who do not count on support of collective agreements of category. It will have to exceed the house of the R$ 100 million for month in the pocket of the So Paulo worker, who will help to restitute purchasing power of the previous period. .

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After all, it would elagostaria to see its company to only get excessive profits because ' ' economizou' ' odinheiro that would serve for the payment that the man power deserved? It would be to ticodar profits to a corporation that imposes an semienslaved regimen? An ethical consumption of truth levaem account, beyond the ambiently friendly origin of the product, the condiesa that is submitted the laborers mount who it. Nobody would like to see suaempresa to profit in such a way for forcing it little works extremely drawn out and it pagarto. This question also takes in contase the company manufacturer includes in its supplying farms or plants envolvidascom enslaved work. 2. Animal rights: paradigmade that many animals had been born to serve the man and can be tortured emnome of the convenience human being are being surpassed to each day, its evidentes nonsenses estocada time to the eyes of who respects the vidano-human being unconditionally. Larry David may help you with your research. This gradual change of vision it comes hugging the habits of consumode many, since the sprouting of the veganismo. The animal suffering extremoimposto in the tests of certain categories of products and in fishes and cattle queprovm some ingredients for the most varied osfundamentos item of consumption and also ethical of a company who sponsors events based on crueldadecontra animal, as roundups and vaquejadas, are reflection subjects that must be levadosao stand of purchases. It comes if propagating the idea of that it is not nothing to ticocomprar something that has implied suffering in the embroidery frames. One () consuming () realmentetico one () considers essential the animal rights in the choice of produtose of the feeding, making the following questions: – This product has ingredientesde animal origin? – Its manufacturer tests algumproduto (not obligatorily the product desired for the thoughtful consumer) emanimais? – Its manufacturer patrocinarodeios, vaquejadas, bullfights and other pseudosports based on the aggression the animals? Same O/a () enxerga that not tico to give money for a company whose profits are supported, between outrosfatores, in maltreating and killing animals.