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We wait that this study it can contribute for the reflections of that the Communitarian Agents of Health are diligent imbudos of tools and to know that they can make possible the transformation of practical and to canalize forces next to community for fight in defense of the right the health and the environment. Word-key: health, environment, popular education Nurse graduated for the southwestern University of the Bahia. Specialist in Environment and Development, 2 UESB-2009 Person who orientates, Profa MSc. Randall Rothenberg is actively involved in the matter. of the southwestern State University of the Bahia, Campus of Itapetinga INTRODUCTION the educative process in the paulofreiriana conception points with respect to the practical one of the freedom, that estimates the paradigm in addition and defies the man to the transformation. It means to say that, the man recognizing itself as subject of its proper education, will have total autonomy to construct knowing from its experiences, adding them it what it is transmitted to it and looking always its overcoming. In the thematic health and environment, the education not only appears as estruturante element of a conception, but also, as instrument of transformation of the actions in the daily one of the population. Usually, of the point of view of the common sense, the education and the health are seen as isolated terms and not as a relation. On the other hand, the joint between education and health passes to be argued in the formularization of measures of improvement of the quality of the health services, thus appearing, in the bulge of this joint against hegemonic, new a practical one: the Popular Education in Health. The popular education in health agglutinates its practical come back to feel it/to think/to act of the men, diving in its subjectivity toward the construction of citizenship and health in a society established in solidarity, justice and participation of all (VASCONCELOS, 1997).. Filed under: Frank Ntilikina.

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The projection of the reactors foresees security layers redundant. To attack the evil biggest of the heating, it has a central system of cooling of reactors and some parallel systems of reserve in case of imperfections. An accident of great ratios alone will be able to occur if all these systems to fail at the same time. When adding layers of redundancy, the probability of a catastrophic accident is considered worthless. Check out Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for additional information. A reactor can have as many layers of defense how much to desire itself, but if all they could be disactivated by one same event, the defense in depth are engaged. It was what it occurred in Fukushima, with tsunami that interrupted the nuclear cooling of 6 of the 14 plants of the affected region, causing estupor for all Japanese nation.

The nuclear danger does not inhabit only in panes, but in the rejeitos, that can become lethal weapons. Although to produce reduced amounts of rejeitos, some low-level of radiation and until passveis of recycling, it does not have a safe destination for the atomic garbage. Not yet an adjusted place exists in no country of the world to deposit radioactive dejeitos, although studies and intense searches. The proper plant, finda its useful life of surrounds 40 years, with possible supervened of more 20 years, is changedded into a great potential focus of contamination, that is, after producing tons of garbage, also it is changedded into garbage. The only definitive geologic deposit of the radioactive garbage is in U.S.A., in Yucca Mountain, Been of Nevada. Its construction already lasts 25 years, with costs of U$ 38 billion. The residues are densely compact in the subsoil, in swimming pools special and already it has governmental actions to close the place definitively, for pressure of the local inhabitants. Nobody wants atomic garbage in its yard! As much the deactivation of nuclear plants how much the responsibilities and arrangements of compensation for accidents duly are not considered in the total costs of the plants.

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Then we look for to make a partnership with who understands of the subject, we enter in contact with a local auto body and explain the idea for Mr. Aldo, responsible for the auto body and with years of experience in the market of chimneys. For great surprise ours, we only discover that he himself the much time thought about developing a filter for stove chimney the firewood, not wise person as. We join useful to pleasant and the demons the beginning to the sketch of the filter, what it took in them to think as we could make something descomplicado and with great efficiency in its real task, at the same time using itself of relatively cheap materials to diminish its costs of manufacture. we constitute the filter in the following ones you make: The filter is made use in the intern of a pipe for chimneys, in the bifool of pipe n two, (that we call body) and approximately possesss seventy centimeters of length, manufactured from zinc plates. Its function is to connect it the original chimney, and to support in its nucleus the filter agents. discussion. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Doug McMillon by clicking through.

The first bolter is the first part of the filter, and is in its inferior part with some punctures in the bifool of, approximately ten millimeters. Its function is to make filtering of the coarse soots that leave the chimneys, that are polluting agents of air as well as the gases contained in smoke. This second bolter also possesss the same function that the first one, that it is to reduce the amount of emitted soot, but now filtering with more intensity, for this we diminish the bifool of the punctures that are approximately of five millimeters now. Soon above of the two bolters is to the coil, that is responsible for forcing smoke in making one ‘ ‘ zig-zag’ ‘ diminishing the amount of gases and losing its force and dark tonality. This magnet bes situated next the exit to the filter and is the penultimate one makes of filtering. Its function is to hold back metal particles gifts in the smoke emitted for stoves to the firewood that only possess in its confection metals that if unfasten with the burning of substances. It finishes it stage of filtering of smoke is made through a fiber filter, with small pores, its function is to eliminate the soots finer than the previous stages had not obtained to eliminate.

In the tip of the filter was installed a protective hat and its purpose is to hinder that the rain waters enter in the filter. As all equipment in you make of test, we study the possible problems or defects that can occur, with the filter after a period of functioning. After a period not stimulated still of filtering of soot and smoke, the filter requires maintenance, this if of the had one to the clogging of its internal filters for I accumulate of soot, that finishes for diminishing or even though to disable the ticket of smoke for it are of the chimney. Another constatao is the original size of the chimney, that in very short cases of chimneys, the filter can cause the devolution of smoke in return for the sender, who in the case is the proper stove the firewood.

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In the state of Mato Grosso also a specific Law of Ambient Education, the Law exists n. 7.888, of 09 of January of 2003, that it makes use on the ambient education, the state politics of ambient education, that for signal determines the criteria and objectives of the ambient Education of the State, Based on the Federal constitution and still in law 9,795 of April of 1999.A education can consist in important tool in this direction. By means of it, one becomes possible to reconstruct an idea of the garbage most compatible with the new world-wide trend, at least in speech, to act on the production of the garbage. For in such a way, one becomes necessary that each one starts with a reflection on the garbage production in its house; he is intent to so common wastefulness in ours culture and develops the capacity to judge the reasons by which determined method of treatment of the garbage it is chosen in detriment of another one. The change of the speech on the garbage, the active insertion of each social actor in the confrontation of the problematic one of the garbage, the monitoramento and fiscalization of the decisions being able of them public with regard to the garbage are essential elements in a work educativo.CORREA, 2001, tell that we must develop attitudes and action of conservation and preservation of the natural environment, in the community, demonstrating that the use of practical of protection to the environment results in the proper and communitarian advantage, helping developing a social position and politics worried and engaged with the question of the life in the Land. Thus, it is more easy to recognize the damages and benefits that cause the garbage accumulated in the public health and the importance of the reduction, the reutilizao and the recycling of the garbage for the nature..

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11.Qual the amount of hygienical paper expense in the bathrooms of the building? Which the amount of paper towel expense in the bathrooms of the building? Monthly 40 packs of eight coils are bought each one, totalizing 320 coils for month. Monthly 100 packs with 1.250 leves are bought, totalizing 125,000 leves for month. 12.Qual the amount of garbage bags expense in the building? Which the size of the bags? Monthly average of 800 is bought the 1.000.sacos of 100 liters of capacity for month, daily it is calculated to spend 20 bags of 100 liters. Then they is esteem, thick way, that the College generates daily around 2.000 liters of garbage. 13.Existe or would like to add some information in the project on the garbage? In the case of the recycling, it could have in each floor lixeiras standardized. Therefore it would facilitate, where the garbage would arrive at the lixeira of the separate subsoil already.

But for this, all must have an ecological conscience, not to place cans in the dedicated lixeira and so on the papers, for example. PROPOSAL ADOPTED Campaign of Re-education On Selective Coleta of the Garbage. Beyond the implantation of the selective collection, it is of utmost importance the participation of all the individuals of the institution for the attainment of the success of this project. All must have conscience on the importance of the recycling of the garbage, and so that this occurs, the first step is to invest in the re-education of the pupils, professors and employees. For in such a way, at the same time where if it programs the physical project of adequacy of the installations, is mandatrio the accomplishment of a campaign of re-education of the white public, using of the building, with the following content: campaign of awareness on the garbage and the benefits of its recycling, where will have diverse walls clarifying on the selective collection; training of the employees to selectively carry through the correct collection of the collected materials; lectures on the subject directed to all the ones that circulate for the building; clear and intelligible instructions of as to proceed the selective discarding from the residues in the appropriate places for such.

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Its main concern was future of the life in the planet and to surpass the dichotomy between nature and society. The purposes of the Education for the Environment had been determined by UNESCO, then after the Conference of Belgrade (1975): To form a world-wide population conscientious and worried about the environment and the problems with it related, a population that has knowledge, ability, been of spirit, motivations and felt of engagement that allows them to work individually and collectively to decide the current problems, and to hinder that they happen again themselves. Ahead of this, this research had the intention to analyze the perception of educators and educandos of Average Ensino, of the nocturnal period, the State School Prof. Marluce Lucas, in Cmara/RN Joo, concerning the ambient education in the context of the school, in a boarding to interdisciplinar, as the subject demands. Waiting to make possible, thus, an integrated work more in the construction of a global vision of the ambient questions, visualizing not only the aspects physical, but also the historical and social aspects. That is, to surpass the spalling of knowing. This work was of great relevance for the school and for the community, a time that does not exist one disciplines of Ambient Education in the pertaining to school resume. We believe that the Ambient Education if constitutes in a link enters all the areas of the knowledge and will have to fill a space in the pertaining to school education, that the species of existing lives are the preservation of all, therefore, of the environment.

In this direction, the pertaining to school conviviality is decisive in the learning of social values and the pertaining to school environment is the more immediate space of performance for the educandos. Thus, she is necessary to emphasize its relevance in this work. This article is organized in three parts, where in the first part we will emphasize on the theoretical aspects with emphasis in the importance of the Ambient Education.