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Companies in this have a great opportunity to make use of factoring in its financial operations, as written, for example SMEs to meet their capital needs, especially in Member States where access to bank loans is limited. Factoring is attractive for SMEs to sell to large companies with high levels of creditworthiness, the users of factoring are SMEs in the industrial and distribution. Factoring is not suitable for businesses with complex payment models or those with a broad clientele. What is factoring? Wikipedia shows us that the ‘factoring’ orfactoring is a financial product that banks or savings offered to businesses. Means giving two services: management and financing charges. Through this operation, a company or merchant contracts with a bank or financial institution to manage all your collections and the advancement of them in exchange for an interest. Factoring is the provision of a set of administrative and financial services performed Factoring Company, a customer (vendor), for billing the short term, arising from the sale of goods or services, and gave him the said vendor to Factoring Company.

Consists of the purchase of credits from the sale of goods in the short term. venezuelasite.com indicates that factoring is a financial product aimed at legal entities requiring a line of credit for the cancellation of their bills: account receivable and account payable. our financial services are tailored to the needs you have in your company, because with more cash flow, you could grow your business, take advantage of vendor discounts for early payment, control debt, trade credit, pay, pay payroll, increase the available working capital, acquire new customers, buy more inventory, which in turn becomes more sales, extend your deadlines loans without affecting your cash flow, reduce unscheduled payments, improve the stability of your company What parties are involved? caixagalicia.es said that factoring in any operation involving three entities: Factor: Factoring company or financial institution which provides factoring services.