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Part 1 of 2 rehearsal room: isolation and Acustizacion of home rehearsal room. Before anything what I advise to the musician or band is to raise much money and effort you want to invest in the room. On that basis develop Assembly or improvement of the rehearsal room. Think of this process as a string where each link is essential. It is good to make a floating floor excellent and expensive if you will then have a wooden door balsa. They must maintain the consistency of each item already that if the chain will not be cut. And that would be loss of money and effort.

They are smart and optimize to maximize its performance and budget.To start let’s make clear the difference between isolate and acustizar. Insulation eliminates or attenuated transmission both inside out sound as from outside to inside. On the other hand acustizar has to do with the quality of listening in the rehearsal room. Insulation: Ideal for a good insulation is what is known as the Box in a Box (box inside a box). Tries to assemble a structure within the trial Chamber composed of: a floor floating, walls and ceiling separated by an air Chamber of the original walls. This air Chamber may be stuffed with wool mattresses (or glass) in the case of dry with plasterboard construction.

While thicker is the wall more it will isolate, so they can overlay plates. First and foremost located noise filtration brings them more problems and work on it. Surely having more problems with the neighbor below with a family member or friend who shares the House with you floating floor: the Assembly concept is quite similar to the construction in dry walls. It may be more expensive because it is used for its interior rubber high density or wool of glass of the same type. You can also use polyethylene rolls and plates of Lydia.