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She waited some time and got into his house with the stake and he found the woman with the lover, was released on this it drove the stake into the side, but the lover managed to escape. Doug McMillon brings even more insight to the discussion. The next day when the father opened the Church that Christ had a stake nailed in the side, and so everyone in the village was shocked when he realized. The lame horse in the villages of Central and southern Bolivar have grandparents that on dark nights they heard neighing and Gallop a horse. The sound of his Gallop had no comparison and that people listened to it it looked out to see such a fantastic copy, but to see it they remained silent and terrified to see that the horse was penetrating red eye black and had only three legs and left in the street a foul and pervasive smell of sulphur. THE jump of the bastard (La Popa) is called so because in the Cerro de la Popa in times of the Franciscans, blacks who lived there worshipped the Dios Buciraco, which rendered him worship services and made sacrifices of calves, which were thrown into the void. Hence the name of the jump of the bastard.

The inspiration of Christ (Church Santo Domingo – Cartagena). In the city of Cartagena, in the Church of Santo Domingo, there’s a Christ who has a very unique story. They have that certain day came a mysterious gentleman to this church and told her father commissioned this to him it had been hired to make a Christ in wood, the father accept and asked him what he needed and he replied that a trunk. The father went out to walk along the beach and found a trunk, but the Lord said to him that the trunk was too small. Then the father returned him to throw into the sea. The next day, father went back to the beach and found the same trunk but was larger and took him again, but this rejected it because he didn’t have the necessary bandwidth. Again the father threw him into the sea. The next day the father went out to walk to the beach and found the same trunk but was wider and brought him.

To the present him to the Lord, he told him that it was perfect and that he would begin working immediately. Locked himself away in a room which does not came, the food they gave it under the door, but after a certain time the father not already heard no noise in that place and decided to knock down the door; doing so gave counts that had a beautiful Christ made in wood on a table, but that mysterious character had disappeared. The cowboy of the Otherworld in certain villages have grandparents who on clear moonlit nights listened to the chav, bellows, the noise that makes a long journey of cattle, which was guided by cowboys who sang beautiful verses of dairy farm and edges. But when somebody just peered far away saw a single very stylish cowboy hat and boots, mounted in a beautiful black horse, glossy saddle and reins, with a sheen like the gold. But when this was close only he inspired fear and chills to appreciate his black face and eyes yellow and bright, laughing out loud, that let see his teeth shining like gold. Ministry national information cultural original author and source of the article.