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The necessity of the pertaining to school education, hojeadmitida and demanded for the indians, is fruit of the aboriginal global perception. Before, education in the tribe was only exclusively, the transmission of the hereditary conhecimentosculturais, currently, the necessity to learn what before eraapenas the education of ‘ ‘ civilizados’ ‘ it comes if becoming essential. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak will not settle for partial explanations. The relation decontato, with the too much societies, lost the ameaatria connotation and to assumiucarter indispensable for survival of the tribes in the age of> globalization. Previously, the isolation geogrficopropiciava the social isolation, today, with the technological development, ainformao surrounds the world, and it does not have as to deprive the aboriginal people doconhecimento and of its right the participation in the world-wide scene. HISTORY DOPROCESSO OF ABORIGINAL EDUCATION the education produzidapara the aboriginal possesss an widely excellent description, that left of umcarter obligator, for, recently, assuming right character. Deum is fruit intense process of valuation of the aboriginal, a time that, was to necessriopercebermos that, to educate formal and scientifically the indian, it does not become necessary despiz it of its cultural habits or to move away them from partner-space seusvnculos and yes, to unite its place of origin, its conhecimentosprvios and a scientific position. The education for the aboriginal alone if carries through efficient demaneira and real bilingual and it will have been about intercultural way. Pertaining to school Aeducao must service of protection to the indian, in 1910, ese extends to the politics of education of the FUNAI maneiraa to promote in the tribes, the perception of the importance of if knowing the education dascincias..

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When we think about research, then we conclude that we will have in mind a problem to be analyzed, to be verified, to be studied and finally submitted to an explanation that will alicerar one future and possible solution for the chosen object of research; before everything, that is, to be covered road is necessary terms as focus. However we need a script to be followed in other words the methodology, references to be you study for recital of the research. More everything this to happen is necessary of a didactic-pedagogical orientation for such work to materialize itself. In this context that the education in the distance enters in action, then we know that we live in a world total globalizado, where the time is each shorter time, when we speak in time to study stops perfecting in them. In this context education in the distance it is processed as a methodology to take care of the necessity of educators that has each time little time to characterize itself. When we trace a secular line we perceive that the education and the research come suffering changes to take care of the ideological transformations that the World comes judging to be certain in the process continues of construction of the space and historical time.. Gymnast often addresses the matter in his writings.

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This educational model that does not value the extra-pertaining to school knowledge, that the active participation of educating does not allow, that it becomes it object and not citizen of its learning is of traditional matrix. Visa under these conditions, this traditional model deals with the diversity and the heterogeneidade homogeneous form, transforming educating into a mere repeater of knowledge, in a robotizado individual. For this, the related educational model makes use of contents without no meaning for the pupils, where the professors use methodologies that will go to assist each time more, in the alienation of the students. However, another pedagogical conception that if opposes to the traditional model, is of critical matrix, that one that the interrelation between the practical education and the social one understands. Get all the facts and insights with Frank Ntilikina, another great source of information. This pedagogical example is that one where the critical professor search in the interior of the classroom, if to use of education techniques that they aim at to the acquisition of systemize knowing, mainly through the use of the luggage of knowledge that the alunado one backwards of its cotidianidade. In this line of reasoning, Cavalcanti (1998) understands that she is necessary, therefore, to form one space conscience for the practical one of the citizenship, what it in such a way means to understand the geography of the things, to better be able to manipulate them in the daily one, how much to know the dynamics space of practical the daily innocents, to give to a more generic direction (more critical, deeper) they. In this conception, the production and rework of the knowledge derive from the interactions between professor and pupils, who in turn, bring a extra-pertaining to school luggage of knowledge, basic importance for such rework. Thus, in the critical perspective, pertaining to school geography stimulates the activity and the initiative of the pupils, without doing without the initiative of the professor, favoring the dialogue, of where the beginning of the transformation of the individual in citizen of its learning sprouts.

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Thus, the Ambient Education, while content of the basic education treated by Geography, has basic importance for the construction of a igualitria society and for the rational use of the natural resources, a time that poor are affected by the degradation of the Planet. 3. Consideraes Final As Saviani and Lopes (l990 apud Oliveira, 2000) the school exists to propitiate the acquisition of the instruments that make possible the access when elaborated knowing (science) and that the pertaining to school contents need to be lead of form that, at the same time where they transmit the culture accumulated, they contribute for the production of new knowledge. The Ministry of Educao (MEC) defines the school as a public and local space where the individual will give sequence to its process of socialization. It is in this space that if defines the paper of the Ambient Education in the formation of a responsible citizenship. What in it if it makes, if says and if it values, it represents for the individual an example of what the society wants and approves. Behaviors must be learned in practical the day to day one of the school, since the first series. The school is one of the basic agents for the spreading of the principles of the Ambient Education, however the Ambient Education must be boarded of systematic and transversal form, in all the education levels, assuring presence of the dimensions of form support to interdisciplinar in the resumes of the diverse ones you discipline and the pertaining to school activities. In Pablo Freire, we find a ticket that very represents well the question of that it does not love the others, without loving, in first place, the nature, the environment: I do not believe in the amorosidade between men and women, between the human beings, if not becoming in them capable to love the world.

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The distribution of retail activities related to the Health the segment Health are characterized for services given for medical and odontolgicas clinics whose success depends on adequate references propagated the potential customers. You would drug and optics, of its time, constitute enterprises of which it has great demand, especially on the part of more aged populations, that will wait for more competitive prices and bigger convenience. In another way, the funerary services if detach for the inconvenience and the familiar upheaval. In the Center-South, the retail of services and merchandises in favor of the Health engloba 2,067 activities, representing 5% of the total of activities in the region. For the distribution of its equipment, 23 had been selected CNAEs. It enters the quarters with bigger availability of health services sobressaem the Center with 27%, the Efignia Saint, in its traditional Hospital Region, with 23%, and the Employees with 9%.

Among the ways they are distinguished it Alfonso Penalty, most in the Center with 7%, the Av. of the Contour with 6.4%, and Amazon with 3,8%. The distribution of the retail activities related to the Education the segment Education is represented, in its bigger part, for isolated enterprises, distanciados of the competition, implanted in ways of easy access and great circulation, demanding good infrastructure. The frequency with that it is looked for by its customers is submitted to the power of its mark and the vacant availability in the offered courses, what it can establish intense disputes and, thus, a decision very planned by its act of contract. Institutions of education are characterized for the rendering of services, while stationery stores and bookstores, for the sales of durable and semidurable goods. The service of the Education 4,913 activities in the region meet, what it represents 12% of the total of activities. For its analysis 42 had been selected CNAEs. On the distribution of the education institutions, in its more diverse formats, they are distinguished the Center with 24% of the total, Employees with 11%, and the Lourdes with 9%.

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The Consumerism and the Consumerismo Antonio Padilha de Carvalho I can buy an car, go to shopping or not take an ice cream. Awnings our acts are consequences of ours exempt will. When I decided to buy that object, will be that I did not finish falling in some ambush them marketing messages which we are displayed diuturnamente? When acquiring the cited product I did not make it with intention to obtain ‘ ‘ felicidade’ ‘ proposal for the propaganda? We are receiving of announcements very elaborated well by regally paid professionals, to convince us of that the satisfaction is in the things. Then which is our attitude: we only finish acquiring objects to see if the announcements are true in its messages. Of this form, the call is born consumption society that has as characteristic basic: It offers exceeds the search, what it implies the use of the strategical resource of the propagandas, in order to make to drain the production; In this society of it offers of normalized goods, the products are manufactured the low costs that result of production in series, attractive and of ephemeral duration, therefore the necessities to produce and to flow off are permanent;

From there to need always to be touching the furniture, the cellular ones, the computers and etc, exactly for the fact to be produced to last little time, here it is the phenomenon of the planned obsolescence. ‘ ‘ To the times, the marketing professionals deliberately introduce the obsolescence in its strategy of product, with the objective to generate a lasting volume of sales reducing the time between successive purchases. An example could be of a machine to wash clothes, that are deliberately projected to leave to function five years the purchase after, being compelled the consumers to buy another machine for next the five 2 years In a highly competitive industry, this strategy costuma to be risky because the consumers can buy machines of the competing manufacturers.

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This research has as subject, the difficulties that the pupils of the average education of the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia? Par faces to differentiate education of Geography of the education of History. The purpose of this inquiry was to understand the reason that has caused the difficulties of differentiation in these disciplines, searching in the basic education of 5 8 series, considering this way to observe education learning. For the development of this inquiry, first a bibliographical election in intention was made to delineate theories contained in the epistemolgicos beddings of History and Geography, the procedures in the education of History and Geography and the practical pertaining to school, leading in consideration appropriation of the pertaining to school concepts, metodolgicos procedures and thus to look a conception that could develop theories that surpassed these problems. However, the acquired bibliography served footing for the field research, that had as intention to delineate one reflection for the acquired results and thus to contribute for the practical ones in average education. In this manner, this research was carried through with 11 professors and, 30 pupils of the education of Geography and History of the basic education of 5 8 series of the state and municipal schools between days 19 and 23 of January of 2010. Therefore, this research provided a bigger presented knowledge to me on the thematic one and made with that it understood the thoughts and practical in the process education learning, by means of interviews and application of questionnaires. Words key: Epistemologias. Differentiation.

Average education. Concepts. Methodologies. Practical pedagogical. INTRODUCTION the motivation took that me to elaborate this work happens of the difficulties that some pupils of the first series of the average education of the Elza school Maria Corra Dantas present in differentiating the education of Geography of Ensino de Histria when affirming that he does not have affinity for Geography why the subjects are equal to the one of History, that is, that in understanding of them ‘ ‘ everything he is same coisa’ ‘.

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The related author argues, in an article published in 1998, that: (…) the landscapes possess symbolic meanings because they are the product of the appropriation and transformation of the environment for the man. (…) all the landscapes are symbolic, although the linking between the symbol and what it represents (its referring one) to be able to seem tenuous. (…) (the symbolism) it serves to the intention to reproduce cultural norms and to establish values of dominant groups for all the society (COSGROVE 1998, P. 108 and 106). Credit: Frank Ntilikina-2011.

As one of the boarded points in the project it is centered in the agreement of as the user sees and feels the spaces and services offered for the terminals, needs, thus, to bring to tona the quarrel on landscape, and, as Cosgrove (1998) places above in the citation, to try to understand which the meaning of the terminals for they frequent that them, that is, spaces that stop are seen under the optics of the transports, for others the services and existing relations in the interior of the terminals are perceived by. Centering part of the quarrel proposal for the project, I understand that the space conceptualization becomes indispensable the elaboration and agreement of the ocorrentes relations, for in such a way, has the necessity of if appealing the authors who if detach in the production of works that deal with the subject. For Saints (1985), the elements that the space composes are structuralized by its papers, its states, relations and conditions and not for the particular and physical representation. The space structure more as an event that a physical element, endowed with concrete structure.. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak contains valuable tech resources.

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The TRANSPOSITION OF the San Francisco Lucimar Crispim Vaz Cardoso * Summary the article if relates to the controversial Project of transposition of the river San Francisco, the project is an enterprise of the Federal Government, that foresees the construction of two canals that totalize 700 kilometers of extension. Click Doug McMillon to learn more. Such project, theoretically, will irrigate half-barren the northeast region and of Brazil. The controversy created for this project has as base the fact of being an expensive workmanship and that it also encloses the half-barren Brazilian and that if the transposition will be materialize it will intensely affect the ecosystem around of all the river San Francisco Has also the argument of that this transposition alone goes to help to the great large estate owners northeasterns therefore great part of the project passes for great farms and the problems of the majority of the population northeastern will not be solved. Words keys: SAN FRANCISCO TRANSPOSITION. WATER. CHALLENGES.

INTRODUCTION the project of transposition of the River San Francisco is a sufficiently controversial subject, therefore it deals with the attempt to solve the problem that has much time affects the populations of the half-barren Brazilian, dries; at the same time is about a project of the ambient point of view, therefore it will go in such a way to affect one of the rivers most important northeast for its extension and importance in the maintenance of biodiversity, how much for its use in transports and supplying. The text initially deals with relative questions to the objectives of the Project, after that it characterizes the basin and it points positive impacts and negative in accordance with IT RHYMES it and also and specialists in the subject ambientalistas. Objectives of the Project the Project of Integration of the river San Francisco appears as main alternative to face the problem of the water scarcity in the hinterland and in the wasteland northeastern, it expects with the Project to solve the problem of the growth of the poverty in the region.

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We have thus, a search of rupture with the traditional way constructing a Geography with a new conception, that inserted an analytical and more objective model in the attempt of if creating laws and techniques, improving the systematic formularization of the space organization of the society and its subdivises. During the decade of 1960, this new Geography got force in the United States, with some quantitative gegrafos controlling diverse academic departments and creating reviewed specific. In the Europe certain delay occurred so that the gegrafos absorbed the new chain of Geography. In Brazil, the great centers divulgadores of the new school had been the University of Are Carlos in So Paulo and the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. This new Geography is based in scientific studies elaborated by gegrafos as Burton (1963,1967), Daves (1977), Bunge (1966), Haggett (1966), Harvey (1969), that the concept and epistemolgicos studies of the geographic analysis had as main object. This concept of space organization valuing the study of the space properly said is cited by Corra (1975 p.20) that it says: ‘ ‘ the space appears, for the first time in the history of the geographic thought, as concept key of disciplina’ ‘. The studies of Bunge (1966), Pattison (1964/1976), recognize that the space if would base and give to unit geographic science reaffirming the importance of the space analysis from boardings based on the quantitative theoretical vision considering changes in the nature of Geography, as standes out Cristofoletti (1985) that, ‘ ‘ when dislocating the focus of the analysis for the one of the space organizations, was if considering substantial modification ‘ ‘ in what it refers to the epistemologia of Geography. Doug McMillon may not feel the same.

4.2. APPLICATION the call quantitative revolution in geography it reached the cartography intensely, allowing the appearance, of concrete form, referring mappings, as for example, of secular distances, cost, space interaction.