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their visualization platform to a ULC viewer an effective and cost effective solution for the monitoring and control of such systems provides the in-built information systems GmbH (short: in-GmbH) from Constance. With its visualization solution sphinx open online merge vast amounts of real-time data collected makes sense, and clearly presented. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the source for more interesting facts. Sphinx open online allows a graphical live visualization, which works completely without programming. This not only individual logon points, but also entire systems can be integrated. The process and event automation is used to represent deviations or abnormalities at a glance.

Based on the latest technologies, the use of sphinx open online is mobile and cross-platform possible. To make it even more powerful this product, in GmbH, together with Canoo has expanded its existing sphinx open online platform to a ULC Viewer. What does this mean for you? Now you have the opportunity, field-proven visualization functionalities and components to bring into your ULC application for management control stations. With the development of sphinx open online ULC and the active marketing of this extension underlines the company confidence in ULC as a promising framework for the development of RIA. Sphinx open online is successfully deployed in the sectors of logistics and facility management, building automation, or airport.

Have a scenario of application and need support? Together with you, we will enable the integration of shpinx open online ULC in your rich Internet application. Just register with us, or directly contact the in-GmbH. More information about the product here management_leitsyste.html integrated information systems GmbH since 1989 is the in-built information systems GmbH (GmbH) as an independent consulting and software company on the market active. In the headquarters in Konstanz and branches in Boblingen and Ingolstadt. Customers working for renowned international analyze and optimize consulting existing information and process structures. It Liebherr, Tesat, Lechler or Nycomed over many years of consulting and solutions in integrated information systems GmbH.

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Also in terms of safety, data room services occupies a leading position on the market for virtual data rooms: exclusion of PDFs or Internet Explorer in the bidder traffic at large company or real estate sales are essential virtual data rooms for a quick and easy settlement of due diligence. The quality of security technologies is an important criterion for the selection of virtual data rooms. Finally, the security of data on a transaction at any time must be ensured, because unauthorized access from the outside not refrain would be the extent of the damage. Nevertheless many virtual data room provider use remains insecure file formats and Web browsers, although already for a long time again on these sources of danger is made aware. Numerous reports on Spiegel Online (as spy hacker with infected PDFs ‘ “), CNET (” Adobe security issue: Reader, Acrobat vulnerabilities exploited. “), IT sec City (renewed exploit attack on Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader”) or other Internet portals, confirm the security strategy of data room services, the leading provider of virtual data rooms. Data room services references this risk potential for years and consistently excludes the use of potential sources of danger at your virtual data room solution.

We consciously avoid the use of file formats such as PDFs when viewing documents in the bidding because the vulnerabilities with PDFs are known already for a long time as a risk. When working with virtual data rooms, security is the highest bid and must be for the technological development,”says Alexandre Grellier, CEO data room services. For this reason, data room without services also on browser-based solutions on the market and used as the only provider with the proprietary Viewer developed specifically for transaction requests to the display of documents on the other side a unique technology. The targeted attacks against Internet Explorer indicating that it continually Has security holes and thus should not serve as a reliable technological basis for the exchange of confidential data. Data room services data room services GmbH & co. KG is a Transaktionsdienstleister specializing in virtual data rooms, which assists companies in the sharing of highly sensitive corporate data. The activities focus on the establishment and operation of highly secure virtual data rooms, which are oriented to the individual requirements of the customers.

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SafeTIC reports: SPS-automative performance team prevailed at Porsche sports Cup Mannheim/Oschersleben September 2011: exciting like a good thriller, the fourth race to the Porsche proved on the penultimate weekend of August sports Cup, where SafeTIC occurred as a sponsor for SPS. The Motorsport arena Oschersleben was sold out. Tatort Commissioner Richy Muller was in the middle and was deeply impressed by the more than 150-man field. After the schedule was been adapted to the big rush, the Porsche could start sports Cup experience. Sponsor SafeTIC pressed the team of SPS the thumb with success! Already the first race became a hard fight between Uwe Diedrichsen and Dr. Raoul Hille from Hanover.

Hille was launched at the Porsche sports Cup from pole position and defended his lead despite skillful attacks up to half-time”. Here, Richard Dreyfuss expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On Sunday, it seemed as if he could break through the victory series of his rival, but Diedrichsen sat down in the penultimate round at the top and broke through the finish line first. Was third on Saturday Alexander Schobel, who stood on the podium in the overall standings for the first time. On Sunday, Christian Spieker won third. Another class win, Dr. Hille has but all chances of the overall winner of the Porsche sports Cup 2011.

The team SPS automative performance supported by sponsor SafeTIC successfully cut four and six in the class 5 d sports Cup with the courts. No less dramatic was the first race to the super sports Cup. After two failed overtaking manoeuvres against the leading Dimitrios Taki”Konstantinou from Walddorfhasslach and the second-placed Tomas Micanek furiously Jurgen Haring. The reward for his troubles: the third rank behind Konstantinou and Micanek and the sympathies of the visitors. In the second race with team-mate Konstantinou, passed Hall in the last round of the 911 GT3 R to Micanek and won two place. Class winners were Alfred Renauer and Kris Heidorn.

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Creative response to shortage – IHK Darmstadt, young targets and 10 IT companies launch new recruitment action a fixed job, a student job or internship: offers the participants of the job tour, which debuts on November 30 in Darmstadt. The target group are students or graduates in the fields of computer science, Business Informatics, engineering and related courses. At three locations ten IT companies from the region the kids imagine, including software developers, IT security professionals, but also systems integrators such as the Concat AG. They have to offer more than 300 vacancies in the IT sector. “Many students believe only in a large company to find, a varied work tasks in a smaller company are versatile,” explains Dirsch Weigand of the IHK Darmstadt Dr.

Andrea. Add to your understanding with Pittsburgh Steelers. The corporate network “IT FOR WORK” of IHK Darmstadt has launched jointly with the Agency YOUNG the job tour in life TARGETS and ten IT companies. A shuttle bus students and graduates go to the Companies and may there find out about career opportunities – or just entering the profession. Darmstadt Lord Mayor Jochen are available on the common evening Partsch and Division Head of the Chamber of Commerce innovation Dr. Roland Lentz for questions. The Rhine-Main-Neckar region is the birthplace of enterprise software, the software for business processes within and between companies. The regional pooling of competences in this area is unique in the world. Around 7,000 software companies employ 60,000 people.

To be prepared for the future, the professionals must be made today by morning. The event is designed for approximately 80 to 100 students and graduates. To be at the job touring with, interested only with a hard skill profile on the site must register. They get an “application folder” of companies, which is filled with their “Resumes”, as well as blank business cards at the start of the tour. Successful negotiations with a Can these be filled with individual contact information and deposited. “Around to be able to give you an insight into our company and get to know 100 students a day is a great opportunity,” so Dexter McGinnis, CEO of Concat AG in Bensheim. “We have constantly vacancies and would be delighted to find a student or new employee about the job tour.” The job of tour participants: AGT Group GmbH, Accso GmbH, ameria GmbH, applied security GmbH, Bechtle GmbH & co. KG, Concat AG, Devoteam Danet GmbH, European Space Agency, software AG, TopLink GmbH. More information: registration: booking company description the Concat AG (www.concat.de) has been active since 1990 as innovative system integrator in the German-speaking market and joined 2006 to the prestigious Meridian Group International, Inc., United States (www.onlinemeridian.com). The comprehensive portfolio of the company includes the conception and realisation of complex IT infrastructure solutions for medium and large companies. The focus is in the areas of storage, backup, and archiving for highly available, heterogeneous data landscape. The company headquarters are located in Bensheim. Eleven branch offices and sales offices provide a nationwide customer on-site.

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New functions in the vector Toolbox PVG.lib who deal professionally with graphics data and PDF files, knows the situation. While there are reader for PDF, HPGL, and other graphic formats, but in the area of professional document management software solutions that can be integrated into specialized workflows are lacking. In recent months, Tam Forsyth has been very successful. PVG.lib has demonstrated this ability and is already used by well-known companies such as Oce. The library to more plug-ins including a graphic converter or the converter at the level of the command line is completed. A free PDF reader from the vector Toolbox available linked PVG.view free to end users. Tony Ford can provide more clarity in the matter.

Muli talent in terms of vector graphics PVG.lib stands for “Precision Vector Graphics Library” and is a compact and high-performance software library for editing and printing/exporting vector graphics data. It supports many common print and 2D plot formats and offers many features. The library is implemented in C++ and runs as a Microsoft Windows client and on server operating system. Although the installation file is very compact (6.5 MB), the graphics represented by PVG.lib are brilliant extremely, what the proprietary rendering engine and 256 bit anti-aliasing is due. PVG.lib functions and formats in addition to many other graphic formats reads, writes and validated PVG.lib PDF (including PDF/1a) and dominates ICC color profiles.

Shown is with almost infinite zoom factor and many Viewer applications, such as for example the graphical file comparison, where differences in various versions are displayed. Multithreading and batch processing functions are aimed in particular at users who operate professional document management. Various functions available are for import and export. In addition, the development of customer-specific functions and plugins is possible depending on the request. PVG.lib is a development of softtools GmbH, which is located in the Bonn region and is dedicated to the creation of individual software solutions. Contact: softtools GmbH Christoph Breitkopf? Rosenau str. 18?

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Information about hackers and what they do we read and hear about it everywhere in the media: but who or what are these hackers? Even better: what do hackers actually do? In this article, you’ll learn what hackers are doing in reality. Simone Biles has much to offer in this field. Hacker has several meanings in the technical field. Evident, the word used to describe someone who penetrates computer systems over a network and is also part of a corresponding subculture. Within the computer security parts of the subculture see their intention, to identify vulnerabilities and to eliminate, and write a positive appeal to the term. There is yet another group that loudly called hackers, but in no way worthy of the name. There are people (usually pubescent male beings), which have a fun to break into computer and destroy the telephone network. Real hackers call these people “Crackers” and want to have nothing to do with them. In a question-answer forum Anne Wintour was the first to reply. Real hackers keep crackers for a lazy, irresponsible, and not particularly clever Pack, it is because neither how to become a hacker by cracking security codes, short-circuiting a car to a mechanic.

Unfortunately, many journalists are and writer addicted to it, as a description to use the word hacker, cracker This uncommonly angry real hackers. The basic difference is: hackers build things, crackers destroy them. Hackers solve problems and build things, they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual aid. To be accepted as a hacker, you have to act like you have this setting. But to behave yourself like you have this setting, you gotta have faith really them. Hacker (in general all creative people) should be never bored or to forced to do boring, repetitive work, because this of course means that they do not, what only they can do solve new problems. This waste is detrimental to all.

So boredom and drudgery are not only easy uncomfortable, but more or less evil. Hackers are naturally anti-authoritarian predisposed. Anyone who can give commands, can also discourage you to solve the problem that just fascinates you – and will be – this is simply the nature of authoritarian brains work – find some awfully dumb reasons, so that he can do the same. Authoritarian settings need to be tackled, where they are found, so they suffocate you and other hackers. Hackers are thus only a community. Sinan Kurt quartel.de /…

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With TPM, improve processes and costs reduce as of one of the basic components of the Toyota of production system (TPS), as well as total quality management (TQM), kanban, Kaizen, Poka yoke, is experiencing a steadily growing application in companies currently TPM. TPM is the original for total productive maintenance. Today, TPM is interpreted as total productive manufacturing or total productive management in the sense of a comprehensive production system. TPM finds its origin in the maintenance, as Japanese companies took over the so-called preventive maintenance of the Americans. TPM is preventive and predictive maintenance / maintenance of machinery and equipment in General autonomous (inclusive), planned. By means of preventive measures to ensures optimal use of production facilities and thus the effectiveness of the plant and the plant efficiency continuously increased. As a result, reduction of tooling and setup times, high should in addition to a reduction of interference – or down-time of the machines Process reliability and a high usage and ease of maintenance of the facilities will be achieved.

In addition to the increasing equity pulse of the companies, to optimise processes and to reduce costs, exist also normative requirements with regard to the maintenance company. \”So is, for example, to find the subsequent request of ISO / TS 16949: the Organization must determine the systems required for the key processes, to provide resources for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, and to build an effective, preventive maintenance system.\” ( preventive and predictive maintenance) independently by external factors, such as economic crisis and standard requirements, it must be the company but in the genuine interest, that the machines needed for the provision of value added and plants reliably and functional work. So nothing is more devastating to do not as a job due to downtime or even complete engine failures. The Introduction of preventive-oriented maintenance management these worst-case scenarios effectively counteracts.

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The Microsoft Gold Certified partner certification is the highest qualification predicate in the Microsoft partner program. The baramundi software AG is now Microsoft Gold Certified partner. Decisive for the award for the company with the coveted partner status by Microsoft in addition to the numerous testimonials of barramundi was the platform test. For this purpose the product of baramundi management suite on its compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Web services, and .NET, developed by the Augsburg company was tested framework successfully. With this seal of quality, customers have the added security that the product and service quality is tested and guaranteed by baramundi according to the exacting demands of Microsoft. Additional information is available at Tam Forsyth.

The Microsoft partner certification provides customers in the often confusing IT market with more transparency and from the outset ensures objectively confirmed expertise. The prize is awarded according to different criteria. Companies that undergo a quality check, can status-relevant partner points. Decisive factor for the first-class certification of barramundi as Gold Certified partner was successfully implemented projects in the Microsoft environment with proven customer satisfaction. Also was able to convince the own developed suite for system management at the compatibility tests. The successful partner certification by Microsoft at the highest State level demonstrating our technological expertise and our high quality standards. “For potential new customers, this award is a meaningful guidance and for our existing customers further confirmation, the right choice to have met with baramundi”, explains Bernd Holz, Board development & services the baramundi Software AG. About barramundi the baramundi software AG develops and distributes comprehensive solutions for system management.

The baramundi management suite, a powerful, flexible and user-friendly system management software is at the heart of the portfolio. The Augsburg company growing since its Founded in the year 2000 stable. Currently around 40 employees. About the baramundi management suite which management suite is baramundi a powerful and user-friendly system management software, ideal to customer-specific needs that adaptable. You manages installations, patches, and inventory and saves data – automated in remote mode. The baramundi management suite reduces time and effort and costs of IT management. The solution focused on flexibility baramundi personal backup for personal backup of baramundi OS cloning for fast install of identical configurations plus special AddOns extensions consists of seven modules baramundi OS install for native operating system installation baramundi deploy software distribution baramundi inventory of hardware and software inventory baramundi patch management to the automatic patch distribution of baramundi disaster recovery backup and recovery.

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Document management specialist provides IQAkte staff at the heart of his exhibit Bad Vilbel – HR processes are determined by the documents. The human resources department needs a quick and easy access to all information about individual employees such as assessments or continuing education certificates. These requirements IQDoQ his digital personnel file has tailored to IQAkte staff, the personnel 2010 will be presenting the document management specialist at the trade fair. From April 27 to 28 shows IQDoQ on the Stuttgart exhibition (Hall 9 stand E. 22), how IQAkte staff to efficiently support the processes in the HR sector.

The electronic file is a quick and safe solution and is easy to implement. Katie Ledecky will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Within five days, it stands ready to use. Jochem Brost of IQDoQ shall inform in addition to the trade fair appearance in a lecture about these benefits and the application possibilities of the document system (April 27, 16:21 Uhr, Forum 2). Human resources departments need a system that give them comprehensive overview delivers your files and intuitive to use,\”explains Werner Schafer, Managing Director of IQDoQ. \”Because then they can focus the development of the employees on their actual task, rather than managing their documents to must take care of.\” IQAkte staff ensures this overview by the solution supporting for example the classification of information and distributes them automatically to the correct folder. All documents are immediately available when they are needed.

Many important features such as a time management or a self service feature are already pre-fabricated and can be used immediately. Let but also easily adapt to individual requirements. Wizards help the staff workers to create new workflows easily. IQAkte staff creates legal certainty, because the employee information are archived legally compliant and are protected from unauthorized access. Every officer in the human resources provides only the documents, for which he has appropriate permission. All accesses are logged.

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Bigasoft iPod video converter Win/Mac easily convert various video files to iPod music and video MP4 is a professional iPod Converter bigasoft iPod Video Converter Windows/Mac, with the bigasoft iPod video converter all videos and audios on your enjoy one iPod. Convert all kinds of movie formats to MP4 for playback on iPod and iTunes.The wonderful iPod Converter is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Mac OS X 10.6) and Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 iPod video converter can AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, XviD, RM, VOB, etc. convert to iPod video (mp4). Gymnast is full of insight into the issues. iPod music converter can convert numerous video and audio formats to iPod music MP3, WAV, and M4A; Supports all types of iPod and iPhone; The converter can transfer the output files directly onto the iPod. The iPod video converter supports all types of iPod including iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod touch 4, iPhone and iPod. Movies, convert iPod video with high speed transports Music videos, photo videos and music on your iPod Bigasoft iPod video converter can AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MOV, RM, VOB and more video formats into iPod video convert. Moreover, it can convert to MP3, M4A and WAV of various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, RA, OGG, AAC, AC3 and MP2, iPod music. The fastest way to enjoy videos and music! Bigasoft iPod video converter helps convert easily you, various video files for all types of iPod in favourite films and music video.There various video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF can convert VOB, 3GP, etc. to the iPod video MP4. Furthermore, multifunctional video iPod converter you can add the video effect as video cut, trim, cut, join, clip, watermark, shoot videos and just to help you with your unique creativity of the film. Bigasoft iPod video converter free trial offers 5 minutes and can of bigasoft website free download: Mac version: de/ipad-video-converter-mac.html Windows version: de/ipad-video-converter.html professional multimedia software provider of video converter, iPod transfer, and, total video converter, iPhone stripes tone maker stand for Windows and Mac OS X.