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Cartoons accidental loved by children of all ages. Bright, entertaining, imaginative, on the one hand, and the simple, unobtrusive, accessible on the other, cartoons are close to their developmental, educational features a fairy tale, game, live human communication. The characters of animated films showing children a variety of ways to interact with the environment. They form a baby has the primary idea of others. Events in the cartoon, let the crumbs to raise awareness, develop their thinking and imagination to shape his outlook. Thus, the cartoon – it is an effective means of educating child. But not all cartoons are so useful for our children.

Unfortunately, many broadcast cartoons today are constructed psychologically, educationally and ethically illiterate and can have dangerous consequences for the child. I'll list the symptoms of 'detrimental cartoons', the viewing of which is to protect the child: 1. The main characters of the cartoon are aggressive, they seek to harm others, are often maimed or killed other characters, and details of cruel, aggressive attitude is repeated in detail disclosed. The consequence of this view can be animated cruelty, ruthlessness, aggression child in the real life. 2. 'Poor' (not correct) behavior of cartoon characters no one is punished.

Character that breaks the conventional rules, no spanking, does not put in a corner, not saying that you can not do so. As a result, the small Viewer secured representation on the admissibility of such behaviors, removed the taboo loose standards of right and wrong action, acceptable and unacceptable behavior. 3. Demonstrated a life-threatening child behaviors that are repeated in reality impractical, stupid and even downright dangerous. View the examples to follow for the child can turn decrease the sensitivity to danger, and therefore the potential injuries. 4. Used unsympathetic, and sometimes even ugly characters. For the baby doll look Cartoons of particular importance. Positive characters must be cute or even beautiful, and negative – on the contrary.

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Many readers probably would react with hostility to the phrase 'chemistry of love', that is, in principle, of course, because there is a definite association – '… God's gift to the eggs. " Natural and other reaction to this phrase – 'There is no need to paw a high sense! ". To know more about this subject visit Walgreens Pharmacy. For the same people who believe in 'the divine origin of the human race' is a phrase and does seem offensive. As for those who believe in panspermia – the cosmic the origin of life on earth, it is hard to predict their reactions uniquely, because some of them believe in the extraterrestrial origin of humans only, and others – all living things. And even supporters of evolutionary theory of Darwin is phrase can 'warp', because the person who has become the crown of evolution, as it were detached from the rest of the world. Therefore, in the first place is to make a reservation – to emphasize that this phrase referred only to 'animal' part of this feeling, which is the basis of purely human love, is not available to 'our younger brothers'. Although we must acknowledge that for centuries were sung emotions caused by this natural love. And still lovers do not realize that their happiness and euphoria of love – it's just a 'gift of nature', whose goal is banal reproduction, and already drama on the basis of love – the mismatch of the natural optimal pair with its social optimality. It is natural, 'biochemical' love for a short period of time makes a couple of complete strangers personalities, not just relatives, but also the most expensive and necessary to each other 'like air'.

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Pigeons were constructed feeders in gardens, admiring the flocks slowly circling in the air, almost in chorus sang: 'Fly pigeons, fly! " Pigeons and summer. In a short time 'turned gray' eaves of houses and roofs, and adorned with monuments white streaks and blotches. Then the pigeons began to stain and shoot. On this, we dove into a career as a bird of peace has ended. But pigeons man domesticated at least 6,000 years ago, and they served him faithfully. Pigeon mail was known in ancient times. It was used in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and then dove has become a means of communication and in Europe. In the XIII century, a good pigeon was worth as much and a great horse horse.

In the XIX century, during the Franco-Prussian War the French were the first to use pigeons, and then the Germans appreciated flying postmen. In the German army before World War I was over 300 thousand military pigeons. Over time, news of progress, such as air-mail, telegraph, it seemed, drove the pigeons. However, in cases when you need something to deliver, without delay, continue to help out our feathered friends postmen. YD Dmitriev says that during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the pigeons were taken to the newspapers of film from the stadium within minutes. They do not have to stand for hours in traffic jams on the streets of Tokyo, killed transport. In the English city of Plymouth, the pigeons were transported urgent blood tests and often saved people's lives.

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So you’ve decided on a little bit, what you really want. Do not worry because of what your ideal man is not the end of vyrisovalsya. With time will tell a soul what she believes is most comfortable. First of all, clear importance. The absence of regular partner is not a reason for panic and depression. No need to wish to shiver at the knees is known that such approach, you’ll dooolgo rush to extremes.

Just let go and let the situation outside the intent for you to choose the most suitable person. Engage in visualization of the target slide. Scroll to mind the different situations in life where you already have the very desired and longed half, for example, imagine you have a favorite (oops) resting on the sea. In the end, circumstances will arise, so that you get to know the person is appropriate for your soul. What to do – you decide. 2.

Do you already have many (or not) established relationship with a girl / boyfriend / husband / wife. In this case, would work well Freiling, ie setting the frequency of mental light for your partner, use your external intent to influence the internal intention favorite (oops). You like to give up the desire to receive and replace it with the desire to give. Knowing what your partner wants, you can build a harmonious relationship for many. I almost forgot about the first and basic law Transurfing – “Be yourself and let others be different.” In other words, let my favorite / lyubioy be such as it is, and do not try to re-educate. It is the desire to bend under a common cause of quarrels and divorce. People simply refuse to recognize their mate, as a person with their inner world and instead impose their own. 3. You broke up with your favorite (oops). And once again, decide whether you really want to get back attitude. Maybe your world in this way eliminates the problems and troubles in future. If you really love a person and not see my life without it – just let it go. Attempts to hold only reinforce a negative effect. Love without desire to possess. For love is known to be able to do miracles. It is quite possible that your loved myself back to you.

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What's for mom baby is most important? Correctly, her health crumbs! And sometimes it seems that mom would give everything for the child to be healthy and did not know what the doctors and hospitals. But this is quite simple. We need to start to worry about it from the moment of conception crumbs! In today's world, more and more couples consciously planned pregnancy, preparing to become parents, attend courses for pregnant women. These courses provide a pair, not just the expectant mother that important, the skills of neonatal care. The newspapers mentioned Walmart not as a source, but as a related topic. After attending courses for pregnant women, many future fathers are actively involved in preparing for childbirth and are willing to attend them. The world has understood that to think about health child after his birth later, because the process tab of the future organism is from the first day of conception. After birth, the crumbs will also need a lot of time to strengthen the baby's immunity, and if there are deviations from the norm in health, a matter of urgency to correct them. This to help young parents come dynamic gymnastics, swimming for infants, hardening and more. Larry David can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Something that seemed strange and unfamiliar several decades ago are now becoming the norm. Dynamic exercises, techniques of early development, and so lead to the fact that children are now much more "early" and active, developed and clever beyond his years. And it can not please. After all, every mother wants her child has surpassed her in everything, become better, smarter, healthier, more successful as a result, more secure and just happier. All of these efforts, the courses and training exercises and techniques that lead to the fact that his or her parents lay a strong foundation for future health and well-being of her child.

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The child will be able to work out in the form of the game. Classes will be carried out by his parents, who, unlike sports coaches will not make regular observations. Your baby will be happy to perform athletic exercises, and you will not be difficult to tear him from the game console. Children's sports complex is easy to install in his apartment. He did not take up much space and would be a good addition to the interior. If the family lives in a studio apartment, then You can choose small-sized gaming complex. Children's Sports Corner is a favorite in the house and give all family members a lot of positive emotions. Children's sports complex to practice safe kids.

If parents is not possible to give a lot of time studying with a child, the baby will cope well on their own, but adults will not worry about the safety of the child. Children's sports complex, you can choose a different options. Later standard can be supplemented by a new sports equipment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Doug McMillon has to say. Options exercise on children's sports complex for a lot of different ages. For Babies 1.5 – 2 years provided simple exercise on a stationary ladder or the wall bars.

They are made from the original position facing the wall: How can I capture the above rail with both hands, legs omitted. Stand on the bottom rail, seating, take hold of her hands. In this position, alternately and simultaneously take back straight legs. Standing with his back to the ladder kid can do some light exercise, through which subsequently will be able to easily make a "bridge". 1. Rail, located just above the head to clasp hands. Put feet on the bottom rail. Curved forward. 2. Standing on the floor, bend back, catching gear lower and lower. Older children will approach stretching exercises. They need to perform, standing sideways to the stairs. 1. Put one foot on the rail at a comfortable height, and not bending the legs to bend to it, while gradually lifting the leg higher and higher. 2. Putting on the rail straight leg, slightly squat on the supporting leg a few times. Perform the same exercise, changing feet. It should be remembered that their first child should perform exercises with the insurance adult. Exercises on uneven bars, trapezes, horizontal bars, rings help the child get used to the sport through the game. Baby sports complexes presented with sport as a game that will be the impetus for further self-study exercise.

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A man who loves a woman very much, asks her to marry him – that is, change his name, quit his job, bear and rear his children, waiting for him when he comes home from work, to move him to another city, when he changes jobs. It is hard to imagine what he would have demanded that the woman he loves me not. Geybriell Barton A little history … Love appeared in people’s hearts for a long time, about 5000 years ago, scientists believe. According to legend, wife of the god Osiris, Isis, has revived the dead was considered a muse and founder of all loving, all the goddesses and gods of love. Since many of the earth. Lakshmi – India, Aphrodite – the ancient Greeks, Venus – in Rome, Lada – the ancient Russia and so on.

And young people whatever gods they made sacrifices, asking for happiness, using many forms of love divination, which gives a glimpse into the future and makes it possible to find a lover or sweetheart. Preparing for a wedding. Since ancient times, marriage is considered one of the major events of human life and every nation has its own wedding ceremony special features, customs and traditions. Here are some of the Russian rites: Courtship. Wedding ceremonies.

Sacrament of marriage. In the modern wedding is sometimes retained some elements of wedding ceremonies and traditions, as for example in courtship, which is preceded by an agreement between young people themselves and with parents. It includes only some elements of traditional dosvadebnyh acts (the agreement on the number of visitors and expenditure on food, exemplary menus, and sometimes the number of gifts from the bride), and stores function approach dating and future relatives. Preparing for a wedding takes time, perseverance and imagination. Therefore, the most important thing in preparing for the wedding to choose what is right for your wedding. Must take into account what the contingent (financial situation, age, status and so on) will be present at the wedding, and only then choose a wedding scenario, and contests. Bride. As in ancient times, modern wedding begins with the bride. The main actors in foreclosure – a friend of the bride and groom with their friends. That the action was really fun and interesting, be prepared for it in advance. Bridesmaids in led by the witness to come up with fiance various tests, propose a riddle. They also have to prepare and decorate the scene, hanging on the walls of the house, porch, front door and apartment door with cheerful posters drawings and humorous text, such as: Rent brides. Organization urgently needs a young person to the position of the groom. Money on the table, and the girl at the table. The groom and his ‘entourage’, too, must prepare to learn what some poems, songs, stock up on everything that will serve as a bridesmaid: candy, fruit, and small coins. The bridesmaids can come up with anything, so the groom should be prepared to sing, to dance, to show their culinary arts, such as the ability to peel potatoes, to practice swaddling baby (doll).

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The society left autoritarista model of education and if it fixed in a relaxed model, change that reaches all the social spheres. In the old model the claim was of that the parents did not allow nothing, currently parents and professors are worried about the lack of interest in the academic subjects, lack of creativity, the excess of time who lose in the front of a computer, the lack of respect with all and the violence of a general form. But the situation can be reverted, is enough a little of time and devotion of the parents and cuidadores. Therefore before going for schools, day-care centers and fellow creatures to the children they pass for the primary socialization in the seio of the nuclear family, at this moment the rules and norms are transmitted, the child goes introjetando and if preparing for the life in society. To have its next son, with more motivation and disposal for the daily activities, she practises a positive education: eye in the eye talks clearly with it, defines with it hourly fixtures for accomplishment of activities diverse (lesson of house, lunch, organization of the house, schedule for leisure, etc), schedule to raise and to sleep, to follow notebooks and to talk on the day in the school, praises, hugs, kisses (it demonstrates the importance of it in its life), shares its experiences (it is important to know that you also passed for similar situations), helps its son to express feelings, invites the friends of it for one afternoon of video in its house, if approaches to the parents of its friends, if he involves in the academic activities, he offers support, he separates a time to participate of its tricks (an encampment in the room with blankets, a war of pillows, etc).