From then until the CPU was running, most patients do vanished. To control an absolute efficiency of the subliminal, the message was removed and the music left. Then the fainting started again. " In another technique almost subliminally: * Embedding an image in another image. Ed Bastian insists that this is the case. Want to see an example: Look at the first photo of this ebook to page 1, there is an inlay of a header into the bottom of the waterfall . In this case it is quite harmless.

* a watermark is almost invisible on a paper mail. * An interview with a man policy conducted in a frame (of funds, very distant but visible does not attract attention conscious) especially designed to approach the people. More information is housed here: Larry David. * Address the public as to young children: a lot of advertisements for a destination using public speeches, arguments, characters and tone particularly childish, often close to the debilitating, as if the audience was an infant age or a mentally handicapped. For example, the French campaign for the passage to the uro "daily euro. Finally, the more one tries to deceive the viewer, it adopts a childish tone. Why? "If you go to a person as if she was aged 12 years, whereas, due to suggestibility, it will have a certain probability, respond or react as uncritical as that of a person 12 "(ref:" Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars ") * Seek the emotional and not thinking. Indeed it is a technique commonly used to bypass the rational analysis and therefore the critical sense.