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At the same time, an increase in the contribution assessment ceiling is intended. The revenue thus obtained will then enable a reduction of the contribution rate. The Union and FDP are strongly opposed to a citizens insurance. People such as gymnast would likely agree. You want to maintain the previous system and thereby foster competition within the private health insurance. To achieve this, the retirement provisions during a change of insurer should be taken with completely. Reform of the long-term care insurance a reform of the long-term care insurance is on the agenda of all parties.

The party plans a single citizens long-term care insurance be included in which the privately insured. Source: To finance them, the SPD wants to increase the contribution rate to 0.5 percent. The Union also plans a moderate increase, without thereby give exact numbers.

The FDP will continue, however, to an increased private provision with government funding. The medical care all parties adhere as regards the exact services, largely covered. Some are more strongly encourage a healthy way of life with sports and proper nutrition as well as the prevention the politicians only. There are no statements about how to improve the financing of the hospital operator. Currently, the spending for inpatient hospitalizations is about one-third of the total expenditure. A free choice of doctor and hospital is seen only in the electoral program of the Union. The opposition parties, however, rather put on a strengthening of family doctors with a treatment aimed at patients. The granted treatment options should be aligned at the same time more to cost and benefit considerations.