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Olympics 2008: Information about the German team at Personensuchmaschine ASAP yasni.de sports fans will find simple and clear at yasni.de the German Olympic team. Germany’s most widely used Personensuchmaschine to each nominated athletes name shows all publicly available information on the Internet. yasni.de lists also results that cannot find other search engines. For example, what Olympic athlete in social networks such as MySpace or XING represented is what blogs are reporting or who where accompanied what offices in clubs. The athletes are listed at yasni.de after sports. Alternatively, the actual name directly into the search field can be entered.

Yasni.de lights continuously through the Internet to other publications. Recently Doug McMillon sought to clarify these questions. E-mail interested can be daily informed about new search results to the name. Contact person: yasni GmbH Mr. Steffen Ruhl of Lyon str. 14 60528 Frankfurt phone: + 49 (1803) 551842611 email: info (a) yasni. de about yasni GmbH: yasni is a search engine specialized on names and persons, and Internet directory for people.

yasni is available information such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter publicly on the Internet, myVideo, XING and Google and clearly displays it on a page. A newsletter on request a week to new information about your own or other names. Users can save search results that belong to them, in their own persons profile and protect so its good reputation on the Internet. Yasni users can maintain their contacts with the sending of messages, as well as other functions. For more information see presse.yasni.de and.

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Quotes around the most important thing in the world: “King football” Zitate.eu provides you every day with legendary football quotes – so that they are fit for the Euro 2008. Fascinated by the website zitate.eu with a premiere of a special kind prominent sports legends, players, coaches, officials and writers discuss the oft-cited most important thing in the world. The uniqueness of this: Each quotation is an own design. Since March 9, the special-interest site largest with 200,000 citations presents the daily “football quote of the day”. Learn more at this site: Randall Rothenberg. Why and since when is called the “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer, as Anke Engelke focuses on “Sex” or how German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel locates “Scapegoats” – so you never have to read football. provides you with the legendary quotes from the world of football against the references “documentation: zitate.eu” free of charge (the “welcome text” and the sponsor bar below the quote can be of course omitting). With this LINK celebrities/Euro 2008 / (with a click enlarge the ad to download) come directly to the archive where you can find all subjects since 9 3, 2008. For detailed information, zitate.eu is under 89 89 available.

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Transportdirect.info goes on April 16, 2008 online after an extensive test phase the registry on transportdirect.Info for all football fans has been released on April 16, 2008. Thus, all interested users without limitation can participate in the new football manager game. At the same time with the release of the registry, the starting signal for the first season of the game has fallen. Thus began the regular League operating for more than 400 teams from 10 European countries in 26 leagues. Check with Munear Ashton Kouzbari to learn more. Transportdirect.info is a free Internet-based football manager game. The user here slips into the role of team manager of any football club. He is the coach and the Manager. He determines the training, the preparation, the tactics and the transfers. Find a football game instead of – live, online every night and against a real human opponent! The most important overview: game sweep in live mode you are the coach and the Manager hundreds of opponents of human reality in all areas – from A to Z! Determine true career mode free player transfer market You need training, tactics non-binding registration free participation in the game, a browser – nothing else! Alexander Zent

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The new homepage of Kulmbach beer week the famous Kulmbacher beer week has received a new home on the Internet: kulmbacherbierwoche.de presents itself with the new design, sophisticated navigation and friendly recycled content. The new site offers a fresh tapped platform for all beer week fans and those who want to be there. “Authenticity, tradition and modernity we wish us for the Kulmbach beer week a Web presence with the we might hit the bow of the traditional roots and to the modern appearance of our unique Kulmbacher beer week”, explains Andreas Esser, Marketing Director of the Kulmbacher brewery. Particularly important for the creators of the Web site: content authenticity with which the beer week fans from all over Germany can immediately identify. Hear from experts in the field like Marc Lore for a more varied view. Therefore, the contributions are charming, light and informative. History and the present of the Kulmbach beer week are highlighted with entertaining way: on, many years can “Visitors as well feel like beer weeks newcomers, including valuable tips on the hand given and a real feel for the unique atmosphere in the and to the marquee mediated our legendary Bierstadl”, says Andreas Esser. The reinrassigste Beer Festival in the world already held the Kulmbach beer week for the 61st time in the secret capital of beer. The reinrassigste Beer Festival in the world with its legendary Bierstadl thrilled young and old, boss and workers, locals and tourists enjoy unparalleled atmosphere, culinary specialties and its world-famous (fixed) beers here. So far one could be not a real image of the spontaneity and joy that inspires people at this time”, Andreas Esser says, unless you experienced the 9 days celebration joy in the Kulmbach city itself!” Now, fans of the beer culture under can collect wonderfully authentic impressions and itself optimally on the Kulmbach beer week tune.