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Matrimonial and other rotten going on in many kingdoms. Danish Prince Henrik prefers demonstratorsh lacy lingerie and dubious pop singers. Japan's Prince Naruhito 'pinches' his wife, lucky in the past advokatshu , and her recent miscarriage blame the paparazzi. Monaco Princess Stephanie lives in a trailer with a bunch of dingy kids. Doug McMillon is a great source of information. But we can and in fact in some detail. Here, for example, Sweden, Carl xvi Gustaf ruled Folke Hubertus.

We do not wonder why the king decided to devote his spare time military drill. Much more interesting is that his wife, the present Queen Silvia, . Plus unimportant activist in the Department of Sports. Ways to Sylvia and Charles crossed during the summer merrymaking 1972: Silvia hung on the periphery of the Olympic Committee, the king, therefore, was rooting for the Swedish athletes. Four years later, in love with the sport played wedding – almost better organization of the wedding, and later sealed their alliance birth of three children.

Two unremarkable – Carl Philip and Madeleine, and a scandalous – Victoria Ingrid. Last noted favorite disease American teenagers – anorexia. The former fatty and a lover of hamburgers, that's really five years receives professional help of psychologists and refuses to talk to the press: the one and happy – who like to photograph skeleton? But passions are the main supplier of Britain and Monaco. The first in our services: a) continue the unforgettable death of Princess Diana, which completed its sad the way the company playboy Dodi al-Fayed, the alleged cocaine and son owner of Harrods; b) long lasting love affair of Prince Charles and his passions, the general's Camilla Parker Bowles, and c) easy to chuck Sarah 'Ginger' Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew, d) Sophie Rhys-Jones, wife of Prince Edward entered into a marriage with the latter for reasons of purely 'piarists'.

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How to achieve great fame, used a small amount of time? Someone is getting a score of popularity talent, and some other trivial mind, while others get a celebrity to add his extraordinary actions. And there are times when a certain person perfect balance of these traits, and let's look at an example like the actress and model Pamela Anderson. Born in the light of actress Anderson in the sixty-seventh year of hunger Ladysmith, Canada and is renowned as an ideal of sexuality, the roles of artist film and television shows and public figure. In her family there and Russian ancestors. Complete their education at the institute went to work as a lecturer in physical education City of Vancouver.

Made to attract attention from the fact that at a football match, Pamela, being dressed in a short shirt accidentally lighted his body in front of cameras and a large monitor in the sports facilities, having received avatsy other fans and leading roles in beer advertising on television. In October of that year, the heroine of the article offers a picture for Playboy, played roles in several television shows and gets the role of cj Parker in Baywatch kinoseriale (Baywatch). Due to the fact that Baywatch was a very successful Pamela Anderson acquired the status of sex symbol of America. But fame in roles big movie failed, although in such scenes, she starred. After several years without Pamela clothing has once again demonstrated himself in Playboy magazine, and later she still on the covers of glossy magazines Stuff and gq magazines. In recent days, two thousand and five, Anderson removed from the open chest in the clip Elton John.

Pam has showing striptease in France during the celebration of Valentine's Day. Anderson held a formal marriage with Tommy Lee in 1995 after dating just something less than 6 days. Their wedding took place near the sea Tommy was in swimming trunks, Pamela in white bikini. During the marriage of Tommy and Pam periodically not remain faithful, led a scandalous life. Just Tommy and Pam are a lot of time photographing and filming their sex. Their home video archive has access to the Internet, and pictures of these videos have been published in the press. During the marriage the couple Li are born 2 children, but it does not save their marriage, due to the fact that her husband was different violent temper could afford to hit his wife, for it received 6 months of isolation from society. In two thousand six, Pamela Anderson was married to musician Kid Rock on a yacht in St. Tropez, France. Pamela was dressed in a bright bikini. Only marriage newlyweds broke after a few weeks. She does not eat meat and fights for animal rights, the most interesting Anderson called for the lifting of the ban from the grass.