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With the practice of yoga student guide to the mind of falsehood to truth, from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, pain, suffering and illnesses to peace, happiness, eternity, from the unreal to the real. This science, is a meditation practice, simple and easy to learn, like all science, is based on the facts investigated through analysis and synthesis of the thoughts. By analyzing both the object and the subject. See more detailed opinions by reading what Samuel “Sam” Mikulak offers on the topic.. We must remember that the mind has control of all organs and senses, well, Yoga is the mastery of the mind. Medicine shows us that the vast majority of physical and psychosomatic diseases originate in the mind, by thousands of years the Yogis of India have used this science called Yoga to heal bodies and expand awareness. Westerners started practicing this science with great success for decades.

Yoga, now recommended or prescribed for people who suffer from high blood pressure, mal de parkinson, stress, constipation, migraines, lumbago or other diseases. Yoga is the sense of common good for humanity yoga is not a religion, goes further than a doctrine and it belongs to mankind, it is not at odds with no belief, philosophy, dogma or personal religion. Yoga is a holistic way of life, where the union and harmony of body, mind, soul and conscience are fundamental, there are many branches of yoga and all are contained in these 4 groups: physical Yoga, Yoga mental and spiritual Yoga Yoga special 1. Physical yoga. Hatha yoga involves a wide variety of postures or exercises, these may be cosmetic, therapeutic, relaxing and effective meditative. Other physical forms of yoga acceptances also dance, running, swimming, walking, healthy food, and yoga for older adults or with special abilities..