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Painstaking counting of atoms for a new definition of Paris/Braunschweig, August 25, 2008 – the views of the scale, many people hated and feared. Relentlessly she reveals the truth, and that to the fraction of a kilogram exactly. But what is our body mass actually compared during weighing? The answer: with the famous Urkilogramm from Paris. In the International Bureau of weights and measures. stocks of around four inches high cylinder of Platinum and Iridium. And all countries that align their scales to the so-called metric system of units, are in possession of an exact copy of this 120-year-old weight. But now a serious problem: the Urkilogramm begins to crumble. So far it has although only 0.00005 grams of Ursprungsmasse lost, however, have alerted all those responsible and are working on an alternative definition.

Because who buys a ton of wheat today, gets 50 milligrams less than before 100 years. Actually undramatically but fall of Paris Platinum logs on the Ground, as this would initiate the meltdown for scales. The scientists of the Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig include the competitors a new definition. They guard the German prototype of the kilogram so far, but seeks endeavours to give humanity a successor after 120 years. Sports apparel may also support this cause. The so-called Avogadro experiment involves figuring out how many atoms into a nearly perfect sphere of Silicon. A kilogram is equal to the mass of N”silicon atoms, the resulting definition might be. Each laboratory with tools to count the number of atoms would be thereby able to build themselves an own reference mass. A fixed size isn’t the weight still on same scale we weigh much at the Equator than at the Poland in different places on earth differently? To explain this phenomenon with the shape of the Earth is: you is flattened to the Poland and, therefore shorter is the distance to the Centre of the Earth and the gravitational force is stronger.

We travel so the scales in the luggage at the equator, so it provides us with us there a lot more friendly result. We are about half a percent more easily. A little flattery for our ego, for industrial companies, however, a costly effect, because they need the scales each after the gravitational properties of the field of application to adjust. Industry representatives are aware of the problem. Our scales work therefore as follows: A string inside is transferred by a current of excitation in vibration. While weighing the strength of the object changes the tension of the string and changed its frequency. A second vibrating string is used as a benchmark. Since the gravitational forces on both mass evenly, the scales can be used worldwide without readjustment”, so the Swiss balance expert Reto Gianotti PESA. For faint-hearted people approaching the sight of their real weight carefully, the English designer Alice Wang has a special scale developed. The further you stand outside, the lower the displayed weight will be. On the reality of the user in the truest sense of the Word can grope approach slowly.

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Hamburg before one year is joined the Hamburg-based consultancy CHM Ltd project seminar-discounter to revolutionise the education industry. See more detailed opinions by reading what NBA offers on the topic.. Today seminar-discounters with the price – and competence leaders of the industry. The corporate training is booming”, says head coach Bernd Hansen, our day fee of EUR 379 undercutting the usual average trainer fees by almost 80% *. That is like assumed by the company. Just because we offer at the same time competent coach with 21 years of experience.” Seminar offers open seminars-discounters for 47 EUR per day and participant at.

With this price, we are up to 80% lower than the average”of the industry, according to the Managing Director, here we can achieve more. We are always looking for experienced trainers.” Now the area individual training in the visor is taken for the future. Our trainers best references “, Hansen added, for example, top executives have been and “Spokesman for renowned companies such as such as H & M, Google or Chanel coached”. * Source: Analysis of current in the TrainerGuide 07/08 ‘ (Publisher managerSeminare Verlag GmbH, Bonn) intec 149 trainers and coaches data published by the media company contracted by CHM Ltd. The average daily fee EUR 1.861. The trimmed mean of daily fees 1,670 EUR amounts to neglecting the most extreme outlier (up to 9,800 EUR). The length of the experience with the trainers and coaches who have published their fee, moving between one year and 43 years. The medium value without outliers is 15 years.

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Students of the Humboldt University of Berlin organize in the practical course project management the ‘ Blue Ant Cup 2011 for a good cause In the framework of cooperation of proventis GmbH and the career center of the Humboldt University of Berlin organize students to good use a beach volleyball tournament on the grounds of Beach Center on September 21, 2011 and learn the basics of project management. In recent years, the cooperation for all involved was a complete success. On September 21, 2011, the teams from different companies and the companies for the third time fight the Blue Ant Cup”2011. Doug McMillon understood the implications. The event will be in six-week project work by students of the career center planned the Humboldt University of Berlin and performed. Under the guidance of proventis GmbH, students of various disciplines in a project management course want to develop practice-oriented additional skills and experience in project work. The participants of the course are through the independent implementation of a genuine Meet the project different aspects of the event organization.

This includes for example the finance, the Sponsorenakquise, the marketing and public relations in addition to a well coordinated team work. “For us project management newcomers is the greatest challenge at the moment, however, so many employees to lose not the organizational overview and to align with the right people”, one of the participants said smirking. As in the past years play volleyball-enthusiastic participants for a charitable purpose. Half of the sponsorship revenue will be donated to the action “Children in danger”. Who would like to participate in the tournament, can register until September 16, on the homepage of proventis GmbH. Information about the sponsoring of the event can be obtained also about proventis GmbH.

About the career center of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin the career center of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin offers since its inception in the year 2001 courses for the acquisition of additional and Key skills for students at. 750 students are qualified in approximately 40 courses per semester. For more information, proventis core competence of proventis GmbH is the continuous further development of the Web-based multi project management software blue ant, with which the proventis GmbH successfully operates since 2001 on the market.

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Here, young people realized that the growth rate significantly is also determined by external factors. This concerns currently such as the topic of equal pay”, so the potential equal pay by temporary workers and permanent staff. The temporary work industry stands before a major policy decision”, highlighted Frederick p. Kotter significantly. So, proposals for equal pay to the legislature in the current year by the employers Association of the staffing service providers e. V. (BAP) and the interest German time Labor Management Association (IGZ)”will be presented. P.

is important from the perspective of Friedrich Kotter: of course the serious staffing companies such as KAKAR are interested in personal service to a further development of collective agreements and framework conditions. This includes therefore also a viable and flexible solution to the equal pay, which meets the requirements and the important role of time.” To belong in particular, that the time working as an independent industry must further have the freedom to engage in collective bargaining, and it therefore should come by equal pay to an undifferentiated gender. “Just as the dynamic function of the time working for economic and labour market may also in the future remain,” said Frederick p. Kakar. Possible feasible ways are such as industry-specific supplements or levels of regulations on the gradual approximation of the wage, which took into consideration the economic conditions in the individual sectors and hence the feasibility of wage and price increases associated with the clients. Important for a focused discussion on the subject of temporary work was, moreover, overlooking the remuneration to consider not only the entry wage costs for simplest qualifications, but also payment for professionals, She already today clearly also go. In addition to the discussion with the CEO practice stations were the focus. Received the student including important know-how in terms of fire safety, as well as to the important role of money & cash for cash supply in Germany, thereby were occupied emergency and Service Centre (NSL) throw also around the clock a look behind the scenes, of which Kal as well food operates nationwide six more.

Over the State of the art security network KoTTER NET, they are connected to each other. The back up system ensures maximum reliability. The NSL coordinate risk messages as well as messages from the building management. Monthly 1.7 million messages arrive alone in the NSL food, coming from all over Europe. Approximately 95% are processed automatically by the modern control center management system. The specially trained staff that are in the layer system in use, so support still 85,000 messages monthly.