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What we had it are the constitution of a scientific revolution where is marked a change of paradigms where the development episodes mark the substitution of a paradigm for another one, in a process of normal science, extraordinary science and again normal science. The importance to understand the structure of the revolutions scientific if of the one for the fact of that Kuhn analyzes science for the bias of the paradigm. What it is it are of the paradigm more is not considered science, but yes, a pseudoscience (Cf. KUHN, 2005, p 87). The process of alteration for which the paradigm passes, where has the periods of normal science and extraordinary science, is understood as a moment of development of science. The development allows that science increases its reach of precision in its lines of research. This progression is not something continuous or linear, but he is something that possesss a notion of instrumental progress.

We can perceive this idea in the words of the proper Kuhn: ' ' one new paradigm must guarantee the preservation of a relatively great part of objective capacity to decide problems, conquered for science with the aid of the paradigms anteriores' ' (Op. cit. p 214). Science searchs the development, but it does not have the discarding of the knowledge constructed until then, it has yes a cumulative structure that allows the instrumentalizao of the scientific community in order to need adequately its objectives and its new necessities. 2.APLICAO OF the BOARDING OF KUHN to analyze the theory of Kuhn I go to use the example of the theories of the evolution of the species. This is the same example presented for Freire-Mayan (Cf.

p 115), but I will not make it using its reading. The reading that volume as base will be of the White author (2004). I chose this author because it deals with the evolucionista question of more sophisticated and adjusted form for a quarrel from the ideas of Kuhn.

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Research shows that the popularity of Senna in these 16 years did not diminish. People who do not turn it to run point Ayrton Senna as the greater dolo of the Brazilian sport. This because the image that it left, of talent, determination, claw and identity with the Brazilian flag, remains vivssima between the public. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak contains valuable tech resources. In December of 2009, Ayrton Senna was elect optimum pilot of Formula 1. It is truth that Ayrton Senna despertva passion, however, in the news articles presented, perceives that simplicity hardly can be verified in accordance with what it was displayed: mansions, swimming pool, motor boats, farms. The rivalries in the extendia track if for are of them. During the long career, Senna if involved in some accidents, saw its competing right-handers as enemy and it did not keep good relationship with none of them.

Senna had true obsession in being optimum and it did not measure efforts to show itself exactly that it was capable. To surpass its rivals it made madnesses in the car, extreme regulations, that a negative point brought: the reduction of the security guard in favor of the speed. ' ' The Pulso of death is not a requirement of my heart, only considers it as an inevitable conception, as much in biological terms, as logical-psychological. The remaining portion is consequence of this ' '. (Freud in letter the Pfister of 1930) the individual recognizes that the obsessions or compulsions are extreme and irrationals, but is tormented by smashing anxiety discharge if does not obey the designs of the illness. Freud disclosed, in its theory on the neuroses, a basic characteristic in the obsessive neurosis: its structural bond with the guilt feeling. Through the references in the representations and the current affection, of the generating precocious experiences of pleasure, the citizen if sees invaded by recriminations, with which Freud arrives to identify itself with the obsedante idea in same itself, that is recrimination, that the obsessive one makes itself exactly, when reviver the sexual joy that anticipated the active experience of long ago.

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But the example elucidador arespeito of the beings livings creature is of the spider, therefore it transmits better as they function. The teias are the tendes that possess linking with the body of the spider. Quandoqualquer of it is touched this vibrates and makes with that the body of the spider is affected. Thus, when I feel my leg or when the movement is my tendes queesto vibrating or distendendo themselves. the body of the spider is the brain. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Doug McMillon by clicking through.

But talexemplo of the one breach to a cartesian interpretation, making distinction between ocorpo, a machine, and the soul. To prevent this it uses analogiado cravo (musical instrument of keyboard keys predecessor of the piano) to say that osseres livings creature are only mechanisms. The nature touches the keyboard and makes with that the ropes or tendes sevibrem. Each function of the body is explained by estasvibraes. The vision is the vibration of the tendes of the eyes. The memory also and todasas sensations and passions. However the formation of the language and daracionalidade is made by convention between similar mechanisms.

Thus cadaanimal it will have its proper one. The test of this, according to it, the languages are the interjeies queexpressam the same thing in all, therefore they express maisnaturais passions between the men. Such ideas have some posiesinteressantes in the Ethics, that deal with the actions of the men. In first place, osseres human will have natural affinities, therefore, unsdos others possess similar mechanisms. Thus being, alone a type of Nature will exist Human being. Being that oque is good for the Man, it is only for it and this constitutes a point in comumentre the men. However, individually each man will have certain diferenasdependendo of the predominance of the rope of each individual that will constitute umtalento. The geniuses are the ones that possess extreme predominance of only umacorda.

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It's good activates all the necessary receptors and saturates your body the necessary energy. Signet also good for the sensitive part of the human soul and is able to awaken all the best and worst of our emotions and vices. If properly compose it to its proper place, then we can forget about the hatred, vanity, gluttony, greed, and develop the courage, agility, dedication, because Ring this affects our intent. This is a perfect creation of Atlantis will help you in solving complex problems. Hear from experts in the field like NBA for a more varied view. Ring and Mark is very helpful in meditation, he as our medium communicates with Higher Intelligence. Try to listen to his voice, and you will hear the wisdom of the universe. Everyone carries a different energy, and not all of them far are positive.

There are people who have serious eye or evil thoughts. Hate her, they can set up on anyone. In this case, the Signet is very useful, because it is able to protect from any evil spirits, black magic, and Lessons from the (evil eye) and Curses different. Sign of Atlantis, made in the form of a medallion, protects the well from all the trouble, and at the same time is a powerful amulet created around human positive defensive stronghold. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon. And most importantly, that this Ring, protects from exposure to bad places unclean. Good idea to hang this sign in crowded places. Stasis was there, it becomes easier to breathe and for the people it will be cleaner and healthier. Sign of Atlantis is located in wicked place neutralizes malicious forces and transforms them into positive energy.

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Very easy to shove all the mishaps of life on anyone. There are banal cases where a peasant village on drunk broke his arm, and when he got home he said, that he was attacked by a pack of yetis. Very lush fantasy allows you to create images of monsters, passing legends about them on from generation to generation. Another option, when a person sees something inexplicable from his point of view. But in Later it turns out that it is actually simple. Bigfoot turned out to be a bear, bigfoot – child Mowgli and saskvach – an ordinary monkey. People deliberately make of "molehills" in order to draw attention to the object.

Yes, There are children who are lagging behind their peers in the mental and physical development. Most often this occurs in remote areas, where the circumstances of life surprises. And then nature stands up for rights, so as he is already unable to educate their offspring. This is a very wild and unusual cases out of the ordinary, but they, unfortunately have a place to be. A simple man, seeing such a child, naturally frightened and in his understanding it appears as something horrible, never seen before in such a moment comes to mind only one thing – it's Bigfoot.

Such frequent confusion knocks society astray, driving on the wrong track. Ghosts. When the burning of ghost, then usually mean the souls of the dead appearing in our world visible to the living guise. According to the testimonies of those who claimed to have seen ghosts, they usually are pale images with indistinct outlines.