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This article is suitable for everyone who wants to change his communication behaviour. What makes it so hard? Because there are also learned have how to talk. Because it requires study and practice. So, the Greek writer Plutarch saw it in the first century after Christ. And nothing has changed. But if you looking for appropriate education and training opportunities, you go into the void. The seminars on free speech and better communicate with active listening as individual components dominate it.

Why do we listen so reluctantly only? The talk is the best means of self-affirmation in our self-related life. It makes us feel, to influence others and make a difference. Listening seems to jeopardize our own ego. Therefore, people often internally evaluate the words of the person and listen to only when arguments are needed for the own view of things. Our time of time management also influences the conversational. A speaker gives zest. Talk power means. Listening is, however Weakness and the loss of the apparent control of the action.

Very active and purposeful people are often inaccurate listeners. The words of listening, listening and obeying are related. The word obey has no great sound after the unfortunate experiences with the dictatorships in the last century. Lack of listening caused much suffering and costs more energy to get to the destination in the professional context. On the situational leadership such as when calculating requirements with the customer. How does one escape the dilemma now? Plutarch recommends: no grantelnder, besserwisserischer listener, full of hubris and excessive self-esteem, be always sure to have to say something much better than what I have said. Listen, you to change and not only entertained and satisfied.” This requires far more than a few tricks from the communication seminar. It asks a quiet dealing with with itself. Maybe the listen is in the is even the first step to listening to the other. B2B coach offers a Coaching while walking map, which is dedicated to all the listening. Our range of listening as a Lynx”is a journey into the ideas and behaviour of our customers. In the original nature and the movement’s entrenched behaviors can be easier to edit”white coach Silvia Schmid. Coaching is meant for all who want to thoroughly rethink their communication behavior. Alfons Breu b2b coach GmbH & co. KG

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Do you have questions or specific action to the study? Would you like more information? Then simply apply to: Gudrun Jay bad Innoreal communications agency GmbH Adolf-Emmelmann-Strasse 8 30659 Hanover phone 0511/904694-46 E-Mail: Wolfgang Hothum Institute for communication analysis and optimization IKAO book r Road 60 60599 Frankfurt am main phone: 069 / 6986 6886 E-Mail: about Innoreal from conception to implementation of campaigns and advertising customers in the communication agency Innoreal find everything under one roof. The customer advantage: Consistency of the messages, quality and time-saving without loss of the interface. Effectively advertise and communicate – with innovative ideas and feasible solutions: this is the philosophy of Innoreal. Innoreal supports its customers in corporate Language projects. This includes to develop a concise, authentic and relevant correspondence of everyday in the company and to implement.

Because not only the marketing talks to its customers. Innoreal is active in the fields of video, advertising & marketing, Public Relations and consulting & coaching. Sectors are insurance companies and banks, agriculture (winner of the German agricultural marketing award in 2011), IT and energy. Managing Directors are Jay bad Gudrun and Andreas bad. As the first agency in Germany, the Institute for communication analysis and optimization (IKAO) Innoreal has DSM certified. About IKAO, the Institute for communication analysis and optimization works independently for brands, agencies, media specialists and consultants. IKAO services include: analysis of advertising and information media by dialogue-structure measurement (DSM); Displaying concept reserves; Coaching of optimization processes; Developing individual brand standards for communicative quality assurance; Employee / service provider training.

The Dialog structure measurement is a formula-based expert system that analyzes the formal quality of advertising and information media, recognize optimization potential and thus meets reliable statements about their chances. The objective and fair assessment is guaranteed by more than 50 media tools. Industries and target groups selectors offer additional options for differentiation. Country-specific settings are also possible. Wolfgang Hothum is DSM experts and media analyst and lecturer at the Hochschule Fresenius (Idstein) in business and the media.

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You should therefore observe special working hours and hours by authorities and businesses. Because this time during the day in all Islamic countries much restricted, the night is made for the day. For business people, this means that often business meetings held at night. After the end of the fasting period is greatly celebrated: the so-called oath Fittr (fast-breaking) likely to al begins on the 8th August 2013 and takes several depending on the country 3-4 days or even longer, such as in Saudi Arabia. Opportunity for German businessmen here a very good business contacts to maintain to Muslim business partner by Ramadan congratulations (orally by telephone or in writing by email or postcard with Muslim motifs). Marc Lore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Above applies especially for foreign visitors, travellers and business people said.

Package tourists, who spend their vacation time only in tourist resorts, are less touched it. However, they are affected by Ramadan because the performance of staff and service forces is partially restricted due to the fasting. This understanding is desirable and appropriate. Samir L. Iranee is available for questions concerning the topic of intercultural competence Islam & Ramadan”at your disposal and offers its customers if required also an intercultural intensive coaching or longer-term training measures for individuals and group training (face to face, on the phone or via E-Mail). SI press contact Samir L.

Iranee, graduate / MBA in IMC Arabic lecturer University of applied sciences Frankfurt & intercultural trainer Orient of city highway 75-85, D-60487 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069-9552 0229 fax: 069-9552 0239 E-mail: Internet: language courses – Orient customer – intercultural training Islam Iranee language courses and InterkulturellesTraining offers nationwide and abroad teaching (E.g. daily -, media -, high – and economic Arabic) for all levels, Arabia customer (Arabia: country and people.) Advice on culture, politics and Economics) and Intercultural training Arabia (including overseas preparation Morocco to UAE, teambuilding, customer management, negotiations, trade fairs) & IslamCoaching (Islam-training for Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, East Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia) at. Translation, interpreting, language teaching & courses, moderation & lectures, journalism, proofreading, research, proofreading and editorial revisions, typing, voice recordings, consulting & escorting and professional support for events, trade fairs, study and business trips for groups and individuals in Arabia. New in the range: research and writing of journalistic contributions (articles, interview, report). Texts for the Internet on Arabic & German. Subject-specific specialist seminars. Arabic for journalists, translators and interpreters.

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Lacking the necessary self-confidence or the perfect gig finally succeed in professional and private life? As image consultant, has found your vocation woman Potsch and combines your professional expertise in the fields of beauty, fashion and lifestyle with my passion for color, fashion, style and proportions. The learned communication landlady and PR white consultant, what she’s talking about. As a staff assistant, was often abroad and has to gain international experience. Under most conditions Marc Lore would agree. It is not always easy to find the style of. Woman Potsch offers you a personal color, style, and image advice so that you can pleasure the own skillful performance in the future. As an expert in image and style woman Potsch advice, when it comes to the subject of change. When you are at the heart and get a consulting, which is fun and give you a new feeling of life.

Every person is also unique and attractive -. Mrs Potsch shows you tips and tricks on how you optimally underline your advantages. Live your style and your personality. Thanks to your training as a personal coach woman Potsch helps you to achieve your hidden desires and goal. By the advice of Mrs Potsch get to know not only your color and style type. I will also show you which lines, patterns, materials and cuts highlight your style. Valuable tips on accessories, glasses, make up, cosmetics, business bag, tie and shoes round out my advice. “If we really want something, we get it too” is your strength, to motivate other people, to break new ground and to fulfil your wishes and dreams. Holistic type advice by skillfully work with a personal coaching, are the focus. Offer for you as a private person: individual colour analysis personal type and style advice Typgerechte style suggestions for every occasion tips and tricks in dealing with “Problem zones” hairstyles and glasses consulting makeup advice make up workshops coat-check and wardrobe planning assistance and advice at the Clothing purchase, hairdresser, opticians gift vouchers workshops for small groups offer for the business area and company: business consulting color business consulting style dress code for your professional environment eyeglass wardrobe planning and hairstyle consultancy of business make up assistance and advice on the clothing purchase, hairdresser, opticians tableware modern manners Janine Katharina Potsch Farb-and style consultant image consultant Munich, Bavaria, Germany-wide.

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Translator at the Olympic Games In the summer of 2012 looks all over the world to London. Because there the summer Olympics, which are held traditionally every four years. London is only city site of the Olympics already for the third time. Already for a long time in the UK into high gear preparations. Participants from all over the world will be at the games at the start. In addition to sports participants and their companions, spectators are expected of course from anywhere of the world. Internationally established translation agencies are of course asked this international highlight when it comes to short-term high-quality translations in different departments to customize. Translations are then for example often used in the tourism industry.

Many tour operators locally in the respective countries want of course to keep your customers, what is happening in Britain. Here, translations in various fields are required. German English translations by political messages in French English translation of entry requirements English German translation of warnings also about venue in London documents in different languages are required, go all of English tourists are powerful. In such events, it is important that the translator is familiar with the environment. Specific expertise as well as mother language of the target language are the precondition for an optimal preparation of translation.

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Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg to lose one of the worst experiences that to do it is people. For most, it is important to find solace and to give a place of mourning in this and the following time. This function complies with also a plaque next to graves and tombstones. The masonry informed plaques as a sign of remembrance of six from Augsburg. Mourning and memory visibility belongs to have lost a very beloved person if you must wear with the thoughts, grief. Reminder, then, has an important function. Special or tragic events should not be forgotten.

Personalities and events be plaques hold and make it visible for all. Doorways will be remembered on important people who lived there. Attention with memorials to victims of the war cemeteries and include an admonitory effect, because how many wars people lost their lives to call again and again into the consciousness. As plaques, tender tragic and dramatic accidents to remember. These can be placed at tunnel entrances or on buildings.

Masons can produce panels in a unique way. Just as unique as the person or the event, which thus respected. The craftsmanship and creative skills of the stonemason and different types of stone, as well as forms that are available are used. Likewise, personal data of the person or a spell can be engraved and give special expression to the stone tablet. For detailed information about all services of masonry is six from Augsburg anytime available.

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Time & more has specialized in services around the topic of timeshares for over a decade and has a good network in the country and abroad. The service agency specializing in timeshare, time & more now offers out a new package of services “from the timeshare”. Time & more confessed to hundreds of consumers in recent years with help and advice, if they had their emergency with their timeshare commitment. The specialists know: many consumers want simply only finally your peace of mind and a secure version, to be finally out of the timeshare. At a special price time & more now offers, to take all necessary steps to relieve the customer of the timeshare.

These include any necessary administrative procedures in domestic and abroad, obtaining land information and paying all costs which are necessary to do so. Time & more can rely on a good network in most countries of the timeshare. With the commissioning of a timeshare specialist is included in the price Law firm that examines the operations and makes recommendations about the notwendigenSchritte. The consumer can be sure that the procedure is legally protected. The cost of hiring the law firm is also included in the package price, such as the necessary legal notice. Time & more has specialized in services around the topic of timeshares for over a decade and has a good network in the country and abroad. The staff of time & more cover various sectors, to ensure a qualified advice about the timeshare and have their fixed contact person on the spot in the different regions of timeshare in Europe. M. Richter

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The statement that it is better than others, is only an assertion without value, as long as she do not specifically, i.e. To deepen your understanding CEO of e-commerce is the source. can be occupied with comprehensible and transparent reviews. A testament to the position of a site only served its purpose when can be holistically shown in him as all facts and figures of a location and detailed reviews, also understandably communicated. Especially there are following groups who have a fundamental interest in a most complete and transparent picture of the site, or should have: municipal administrations before place small company site. and all these interest groups face investment interested company or entrepreneur questions such as: the location meets the minimum criteria of the respective requirement profile? What makes this site special, and how is this special rate? What dynamic relations acting between individual factors? What time are these relationships effective? I.e., how the inner workings of the site behind its facade? Can the first impression with detailed facts are backed up? What weight should be given to a particular location factor from individual point of view? Its absolute magnitude is for assessing a factor value or rather the relation of values to each other of any importance? A really true picture can be from one site only stand out, avoiding tunnel eyes narrowing the reality. I.e. all factors acting on the location must be included in the wide range of properties. Doug McMillon contributes greatly to this topic.

The image must and from the different perspectives of its beholder, so municipal administrations, local be wrought company, ansiedlungs – composed investment sinter-essierten companies or persons and entrepreneurs,. This is hardly to think that the results of the evaluation of the site will be always exactly congruent. Often different opinions are likely to particularly at the level of individual factors emerge. But just such differences are the ones who could provide maybe more information on development opportunities and more inexhaustible potential of the site upon closer inspection. See Becker, Jorg: Surveying the sites, ISBN 9783837067248 cf. Becker, Jorg: strategic potential-check of the location, ISBN 978383704978 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)

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Waterproofing works were completed successfully Scheidegg after only 5 months of construction the treetop path opens up his stairs – a 650-metre path at a height between 20 and 30 meters above the forest floor on 30 October. The highest observation deck is situated at an altitude of 35 meters, which allows views of Lake Constance and the Alps on a clear day until far in the Switzerland and Austria. Learn more about this with Frank Ntilikina. To expose this Outlook also wheelchairs and mothers with prams, also a 50 m-high tower with lift created in addition to 14 steel masters who hold the fixed elements of the suspension bridge. On the construction of which consists largely of steel elements of the Baker company of Wangen im Allgau, mainly used by companies from the region were active. The company of vistona gmbh from cheeks hostage resin could make their contribution with the sealing action of the elevator shaft. Difficulties arose on the basis of the solid foundation for the elevator storm.

Component strengths were the specialists up to a meter of the seal undertaking a challenge at the choice of the concrete mix. During the setting process of the concrete a concentration of heat of hydration in the core of the component is created, what a heat of up to 75 C-80 C means. On the outside of the component the heat flows down, however, in the forest floor and air, which means a component temperature of 10-15 C. This voltage difference of approx. 65 C caused forced tensions and as a result means the risk of cracking, which leaks into the white tub. Water entering the engine room in the elevator shaft developed a specially adapted recipe to these voltage differences and a reinforced cracking to counteract while starting to reduce. The selected recipe: C25/30; LH – XF1, XC4 offers hydration heat one lower due to a slow strength development. What has the avoidance of difference peaks result result the heat through a lengthy process. In addition, specific measures with longer were Narrow casing deadlines and curing times taken to cracking. Ability could seal another project successfully with your system and contribute your contribution to the successful success of the project.

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First class experience, expertise and advice is the plumber Angerer the plumber Angerer based in Innsbruck/Tyrol is characterised by best service and tremendous expertise. Managing Director Johann Angerer founded the business in 2000 and it succeeded in a short time to a experienced and renowned tinsmith business to develop. Now has he has eight fixed employees, through expertise and a great joy to work points. At the beginning of every customer contact is a comprehensive consultation and analysis which is carried out by Johann Angerer itself and is free of charge. The experienced plumber Angerer offers the following services: in the area of steep roofs, it comes to sheet metal roofing with all connections. The plumber Angerer takes care of all sheet metal roof mounts made of different materials, such as zinc sheet steel, galvanized coated steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and Rheinzink and copper. In addition performs the plumber Angerer flat roof insulations, and all Schwarzdecker works, such as the rebuilding and renovation of flat roofs, terraces and balconies. The other services include barrel Aden sheeting, the integration of skylights, all repair and on roofs, balconies and terraces, roof coating professional, to achieve corrosion protection and to extend the shelf life of the roof is an important measure, which like is claimed cleaning measures.

Johann Angerer also attaches great importance to all remedial measures, which are becoming increasingly important in this day and age and law gives him his vast experience and his expertise in this area. Johann Angerer has international experience and has worked in Spain as a metal sculptor and Galanteriespengler. On his return to Innsbruck, he founded its successful operation. Johann Angerer means success, that his customers and he satisfied himself with his work carried out. And this success has proved him right, especially architects appreciate the exact and exact execution of works the plumber Angerer. For more information see Johann Angerer Spengler master Ferdinand of Waltraud Street 2 6010 Innsbruck mobile + 43 (0) 664 510 75 96 Tel + 43 (0) 512 26 21 16 fax + 43 (0) 512 26 26 29 posted by ReicheKommunikation