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Question: what do they do with this analysis companies? Dianne: Well, use this to direct your commercial strength to the places with the greatest potential. Thus, everyone knows exactly that segments attack with that type of products and thus achieve the results. Question: who is doing this?. Can we give an example? Dianne: insurance. Focused offerings have made a big difference in Citigroup’s private banking operations. Based on the knowledge and information, the commercial Group serves individuals and families who have a net worth of $25 million or more.

This includes people who are owners of companies, builders, lawyers, professional athletes. As you can imagine, each of these groups has different needs. The secret here is that commercial groups of the Citigroup coordinators are working on achieving banking agents to dominate the portfolio of products that includes elements such as actions, fixed terms, handling values and even management of cash flows growing and innovative business scenarios to perfection. This kind of products is very diverse. What has made the Citigroup is focusing on help Bank agents in the domain of each product of each customer segment and understand the needs of each segment in order to offer solutions to the specific needs to maximize health financial of each of these segments. Do and you know that? The results have been very positive. Each one of the sales representatives of Citigroup have generated average earnings of $5.5 million, which is much better than the $4 million that a sales representative generates as a standard in the industry. Question: Then the T is focused offerings.

What do you say O? Dianne: The O means optimization of automation, tools and procedures used to achieve the goals that we talked about earlier. However, you know that the automation of the sales force is not magic. The technological tools that leading companies are using and in which it is investing much, should be used within a disciplined process of business administration.