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CROSSBOW FERA They say that the Bible says that in the end of the times it goes to appear the crossbow fera. It is a fierce animal that goes to destroy all the men. Nobody it goes to be able to fight against it, therefore whose it goes to have an uncommon force. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sam Mikulak. All those that to fight against it, they will be destroyed. Exactly God will only have superior force it.

This type of thing falls well in the head of some sertanejos poor persons the coitados ones start to believe this piously. the poor persons die of fear of the such crossbow fera. Sam Mikulak shines more light on the discussion. It happens that they never turn the thing, nor have ideas of as it is. Antonino was a poor person sertanejo. It had short memory and it believed in everything what the friends spoke. On the crossbow fera then nor if commented. It was one God he rescues in them. The poor person if arrepiava all and died of fear.

Not wise person to read, that she got worse still more the things. Antonino never is to a city. There for 1930 return the progress was not still so accented. One day it had that to go to a city to make a purchase. He did not have nobody to go, much less to go with it. The young man left alone with the information supplied for the friends. It was, but always of eye not to find the crossbow fera. He walked for that one estradona very pretty. He had much pretty thing. Everything was different there. Houses of a side and another one and that road in the way. So that road so wide? people did not need a so wide way thus. But, she did not import herself with that is continued walking.