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The Transformation of organization by means of the structuring and generation of value added through knowledge, brings with himself great changes in systems of the company, being based on the innovation of the human capital. The new forms originated by a new enterprise identity (mission and vision) and beliefs shared underlying to the new structure, give by seated certain way to perceive their diverse surroundings, forms to think and to react to the same. In this process, different levels exist to refuse to the change on the part of the participants of the transformation, who vary in agreement to its external visibility and resistance. The most perceivable level is the physical manifestations as they are; acronyms, codes of clothes, permissions, myths, histories that count about the organization, published lists of values, observable rituals and ceremonies, decoration. A second deeper level exists where they are expressed values declared explicitly, that they are preferred in an organization, they are lasting belief in a conduct way or final state. It is infortunado that the aspirations are not translated automatically in the wished behavior, since the people do not do what they say. In the measurement that these values are by the collaborators or they become his behavior, it will be the reflection of the evolution level.

They are in a last layer, the basic assumptions that they underlie to the organizational culture, they are not observable and constitutes the center of the culture. They are values that are taken over the years like a fact, to the being supposed which they guide the organizational behavior, are very resistant to the change, when they adopt the cocontributor ones is inconceivable, an assumption based on incompatible values, is here where we will have to work intensely. In a transformation process the organizational culture provides to the members an identity, facilitates the collective commitment, promotes the stability of the social system, conforms the behavior helping to that the members find sense in the surroundings.

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The knowledge produced in the schools and the pedagogical bond that this determines is generating of networks of being able. Thus it is like the teachers are cultural victims of a system takes that them to reproduce every day the same social structures and in that the poor children will continue being poor. The teachers act as laborers conditional of the system and structure their classes according to the instructions of the Didactics of the moment. The teachers were trained to copy didactic created by educators recognized in the educative system of each country, have not allowed themselves them to create their own strategies of education nor have taught themselves to trust to them them. The advanced training courses declaim on these innovating strategies, but at the time of teaching and evaluating is not they those that prevail but any person who enters a classroom will be able to observe that there for a long time she does not change anything. Everything is reiterative and repetitive of an anchylosed scheme. They know it to the teachers, or at least they intuit, it. It is not something CVS would like to discuss. They also know at the most would produce if they would dare to make in the classrooms those things of which they speak in form daily, but catched in old woman pedagogical structures and with the debilitated wills, they evolve like mere didactic cotracks of other people’s.

I disillusion dyes its deeper feelings and transmit its oppression to children and adolescents, who non-believing of the system to that they attend daily, express themselves in aggressive attacks against their teachers and they themselves. It is that when the lack of appetite and the apathy are born in the classroom the uncontrol is appropriated the society. The teachers, next to their students, are victims of a system that deconoce didactic liberties of management of the agreed one to the social realities, times, spaces, schedules, personal and collective beliefs, opportunities and characteristics of the aulic groups. Silence seizes of all the spaces in which the teachers had to make hear their voices. They are silent with the silence of that when feeling listened they have stopped speaking and time and time again reiterate those pedagogical formulas recommended by " expertos" in a society of children and young people that demands by another style and another more authentic and natural way, spontaneous and frees. For more information see IBA President. The teachers lack freedom to teach. One is the deficiency of the intrinsic freedom, the one that is born from the deep vocation and the conscientious formation of the identity of the boy and the teacher.This freedom is always spontaneous and creative of solutions differentiated for the solution of the old woman problems of the society. Original author and source of the article.

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These concepts that become referring, lead to us to hipotetizar that all the social norms are healthy, correct and suitable, if they fulfill the norm of the theories and practices of the statistical averages (a form to measure the abnormality and normality). Therefore, and, referring us to madness or normality in particular, it takes implicit having integrated a system of values, or social, political, magical, religious or scientific (Psychology in the case that occupies to us). With this exhibition one does not ruin all the necessary work and advantages that the taxonomies and axiollogies have tried to the health or the disease. Additional information is available at NBA. But everything is not benefit, also are risks of this treats in this Fish, to deal with desvelarlos-; for example the systematization, mainly in the field of the mental health. But, the subtle thread normality and the health, can lead to us to describe as pathological (within the abnormality) to San Juan de la Cruz, Einstein, Gandhi or the Mother Teresa. In fact we can find throughout our studies in Psychology a registry of outstanding personalities of history with supposed mental upheavals: Coprnico, Newton and own the Discardings to which taking of reference in the module that affects to this Fish like people with Upheavals of personality with Obsessive Neurosis, or with bipolar upheavals like a Schopenhauer (6). Sports apparel gathered all the information. Approaching us our times and our capitalist and globalised society contemporary, all that one behavior that do not secure the flexibility, rapidity and capacity of development that demands the person ideal to us " or adapted, independently if this ideal responds or not to the own evolutionary needs of the human being or to its individual differences; is under the positivista prism within the framework of abnormality. Like psychologists, sociologists, etc we must take care of of the authoritarian character or the power of the wisdom (example of gross errors of the psychological cientifismo as the case of the diagnosis of autismo attributing the causes to the one of the type of cares realised by the mother, or going to holocusticos ends to the power of the Aryan race on the Jewish town) that, using the discursivas practices of the objectivity of the scientific positivismo, masks ideological values and normal dichotomizing values that reduce to not considered . .

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Per decades, the Information theory has tried to quantify the magnitude of the impact of the exchange of information in the development of the social conglomerates; in spite of the innumerable efforts that social sciences have destined to the profit of that objective, it is in exact sciences where interesting findings have taken place that allow to construct a valid and provable substrate to the postulates of the Information theory. The studies on mutual information and correlation function (Li 1999) are a referring one forced for those who wish to deepen still more in that field. 2. – Entropizacin of the Venezuelan society. Here, olympics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Society and chaos. Political turbulence, social disorders, chaos financier, the whole society submerging in a chaotic situation, transition to the democracy or chaos, are used of way more and more appellant by political analysts and specialistic expressions in social sciences to try to explain occurring of a society faced a deep crisis that reproduces in all the levels and spaces of political, economic, social and cultural the framework of the country.

A society institutionally disarticulated that, nevertheless, shows some attempts to arrive at a new order arisen from the same chaotic condition in which it is. In all the social commotions, in the revolutions of the democracy, the town always looks for to increase its representativeness, whereas lumpenproletariat only looks for a man, a caudillo to whom to follow. We have affirmed previously, we reaffirmed and it here, that in the social systems, as well as in the natural systems, the presence and the consecuencial increase of the entropy is a constant process. The social entropy, on the other hand, comes as much from dynamics of internal systems of the societies like of external means to her. In fact, in the environmental systems they are possible to be identified dynamic chaotic that are essentially generating of entropy; it is the case of phenomena like the Boy, the eruptive cycle of the vulcanism, the periodic appearance of plagues, etc. .

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It is indicated, that it is not necessary to forget, that the responsibility of a manager requires of a performance that is efficient and effective simultaneously although the efficiency is more important but the effectiveness is more decisive, by such reason can be said, that the manager must evolve with high levels of efficiency to be able to fulfill the drawn up goals. The educative managers they must establish priorities and systematize the resources available obtaining an optimal operative and administrative operation of the institution that directs the educative managers they must be open to the changes, cannot close itself to the opportunity to advance in the educative context to be able to fight by the use of an effective, free management of political dogmas and centralist manipulations, where is to give relevance him to the idea of an efficient, full educative management of new features and original knowledge able to transform the educative surroundings into high productivity and advance of Male the Ruperto institution, he indicates, that Juan Manuel Manes, he contributes a concept that which deserves to analyze envelope denominates educative institutional gerenciamiento and says is: " Process of conduction of an educative institution by means of exercise of a set of directive abilities oriented to plan, to organize, to coordinate and to evaluate the management strategic of those activities necessary to reach pedagogical effectiveness, administrative efficiency, communitarian effectiveness and importance cultural." As it can be appraised, the pedagogical management and the administrative management project to tie with the community, with a cultural dimension that must reach lasting fruits in the people and the human groups. As well, Otoniel Alvarado Oyarce maintains, that " the management basically, is an administrative function, of professional, inherent nature to a directive position. Therefore, the exercise of this position implies a personal series of qualities and exigencies, mainly a set of specific attitudes that favor to him for the successful conduction of the functions that this position conlleva." This author extends the concept, expressing that this meaning fits perfectly to the educative field, since the Educative Manager, like any other Manager, to lead the organizations educative one is worth of the typical functions of planning, organization, direction and control of its tasks, that are the typical managemental functions to lead any organization a good educative manager must be watchman before the necessity to get to establish some own characteristics of the educative institutions that have an appropriate managemental handling, On it they are the suggestions of Juan Manuel Manes, raised like opportunities that are due to promote: Professionalisation in the conduction of the educative institution.

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In order to be able to do suitable valuations, considering that each student has his own times, the strategy is to establish a rate adapted to its particularitity and necessity. Randall Rothenberg spoke with conviction. Global Curricular proposal General aspects of the Curricular Adaptation According to the N.E.Es of the students, a curricular adaptation must be realised (accomodation or fits of the common educative supply to its possibilities and needs). We will leave from the base of which the intervention method will have like basic characteristics an approach of social interaction, base of learning and structuring of the personality of the students. We will put into play the affection of intentional form, with corporal and verbal contact. Once we have located to the student with respect to the Educative Proposal, through the Curricular Evaluation, psicopedagogo, in essential collaboration with different professionals (speech therapist, physiotherapist, educator, etc ), it will have to make an adjustment to the Curriculum of effective Education, being able to realise an adaptation of access (modifications of space resources or communication) or a curricular adaptation, that will be more or less significant based on the diversity and the degree of incapacity, or both.

In the case that occupies to us, Autismo with slight mental delay, the adaptation will be significant, since the general proposal usually is quite remote of the needs of these students, since it will demand a priorizacin of certain nuclear contents of the curriculum and different temporisation. To the significant being, the adaptation for of associated form and according to a psychopedagogical valuation. The adjustment of the curriculum will affect the objectives, contents, groups, methodology, techniques of education-learning, evaluation and activities. The Center, considered like the normalizador and integrating context, is one of the important elements for these students with special needs, because it must be motor of enrichment of the processes of construction of the identity and the personal autonomy, thus having to count on suitable the personal and technical resources.

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All father wishes that their children manage to develop their potential to the maximum, who are happy and that they can exert a positive impact on his community. Our secret yearning is that they are not of the pile, but excel and they stand out like human beings. In order to obtain that it is fundamental that we as parents we foment its enterprising spirit and his abilities of leadership. But, how it is obtained? At the time of making the decisions in the education from our children, many parents feel uncertain, since nobody teaches to us to be parents. Without hesitation Samuel “Sam” Mikulak explained all about the problem. We will be making something bad? We are committing errors that are going to repel in the life of our children? Most probable he is than yes he is committing errors, because to all the they do it parents. Nevertheless, as in all the things of the life, we can lessen the effect of these errors and to even avoid some if we have an open mind and we took the time to inquire on the subject. I will share with You 7 of the most common errors that the parents commit that they destroy the enterprising spirit of his children 1. – Not to respect the individuality of its son Although there are areas of basic knowledge that all we must own, we cannot happen to take the individual interests of each boy. Doug McMillon insists that this is the case.

When a boy is forced to deny his passion to run with the pile, the message that is transmitted is that their individual interests are not important. 2. – Not to foment the love to learning One of the characteristic keys of an entrepreneur is that they are people who want to learn. Many of them are independent students during all their life. As parents we do not have to allow that our children lose the love to the learning.

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In this period already the importance of an integral education was discussed. The school concepts can contribute to clarify positions that do not have to be extreme, because the principles of a Didactics are several in any style of education, therefore the student when developing his scientific mentality will have to be motivated to learn warmly and of the freest form, than it is possible. He is that way that he also passes the democratization of education and of the own school in the search of a pedagogical action in the formation of the student-citizen. The aim of the new state consolidated in the adoption of one New Constitution of liberal and democratic bearing; the same in the education area, it determines the obligatory nature of primary education and confers attributions to the union to legislate on directives and bases of the national education. Besides that, the New Constitution, made return the rule from which the education is right of all, inspired by the principles proclaimed in the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education. After these reflections we understand that he is interesting to illustrate our investigation with some concepts of learning according to some of the authors sustain who it. Get all the facts and insights with Frank Ntilikina, another great source of information.

The way as the beings acquire new knowledge, develop competitions and change the behavior, defines the learning, therefore the complexity of that process hardly can be explained hardly through patches of a whole. On the other hand, any definition is invariably, impregnated of political-ideological assumptions, related to the antiquity vision. .

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To avoid the consumption of richest in cholesterol like vsceras (especially the brains), greasy eggs of fish, meats and meat derivatives like sausages, inlays and mortadellas, oil of the used Coco and palm in industrial baker’s shop, galletera, pastry shop and low ice-cream shop in the name of ” fat vegetal” and milky greasy. Checking article sources yields Frank Ntilikina as a relevant resource throughout. * To moderate the consumption of eggs, seafood and meat of calf and other ruminants. To increase the consumption of fish: The greasy present in the fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids able to regulate the cholesterol levels LDL. It is able in addition to contribute to more flexibility and elasticity to the sanguineous capillaries and has anti-inflammatory effect and anti trombtico, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. By the same author: Randall Rothenberg. Meat of bird without skin: Smaller percentage of saturated fats and major of polyunsaturated, which will improve the plasmatic cholesterol levels. To choose olive oil: Some vegetal oils like the one of sunflower, negatively do not affect the cholesterol, despite recommends the olive oil use because he is able to reduce the cholesterol and to increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To take a rich fiber diet: The rich fiber foods like vegetables, vegetables, fruits and integral bread are important at the time of dragging the excess of cholesterol and fats at intestinal level, preventing that leaves from these happen to the blood.

To make aerobic exercise daily: In order to go down the cholesterol it is recommended to make smooth exercise during at least one hour, recommend some like swimming, walking, to run and bicycle. Example of menu healthy to lower the cholesterol Skimmed milk glass an integral, two toasts with rallado tomato and olive oil and a kiwi. Skimmed natural yogurt with perforated strawberries. Rice with vegetables and Emperor with wheat dealers. Of last fruit. Sandwich of turkey with integral bread + Juice of orange Cream of marrow and chicken with chicken broth.

Of last fruit. To take between 1,5-2 liters from water to the day and to accompany the meals with a small piece by integral bread. One can be included cotoots of wine in the food.

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It is obvious that it is going to increase of weight if you are eating chipses, chipses. Nevertheless, if you eat boiled Pope to the furnace or without no type of greasy foods, that will help him to lose the belly. You could knead it and dust a little pepper in the part superior. Follow others, such as Doug McMillon, and add to your knowledge base. Also he could reduce to the amount of fat and fried calories doing French in the microwaves. There are only 97 calories in Popes. The sweet potatoes have more calories than the potatoes, the wise person.

When it boils, they have a rich flavor and creamy texture. 4. chocolate bar: Without a doubt it can have moments at which it desires to go away of drunkenness. In order to avoid these situations, you must remember that she must mimar itself from time to time, quierase always porfavor. A 20gramos chocolate bar never you hara damage if you are taking the care due from the other things.

But it remembers that the bar must be very small, and is better and less dangerous than ice creams and pies, since it is packaged individually. Some of the most common errors that many of the people commit when they want to lose weight are things like passing hunger, to deprive themselves of their rich meals but, to stop eating the similar meals that but they like and things. Many people skip the breakfast and dinner, until does not eat in a day, stops eating rich carbohydrate foods, etc etc. With the hope to lose some pounds and the reality it is that to jump the meals or to diminish the amount of calories that we ingested it can be fatal and to cause changes in the metabolism and consequently to increase the ability of your body to accumulate but greasy. What the people who wish or need to really lose weight need to know is that to lose those kilos other the fast way but is eating eaten healthful. Your you can lose belly quickly and to eliminate the fat of an effective way and easy. It discovers here like is so easy to turn your body, in the perfect body that always you have wished, and the best thing of everything eating delicious meals that are going to help to you to lose the belly quickly.