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Fourteen are the natural protected Areas of Mendoza, fully expressing the importance attached to the preservation of its rich natural heritage the Cuyo province. Reflecting this concern, note that the stretch of the popular Dakkar rally that crosses the mendocino territory has been diverted in part to prevent the passage of vehicles through one of these protected areas. For tourists arriving in Mendoza without cars or race bikes, on the other hand, there are no restrictions to enjoy some of the most beautiful and imposing the planet’s landscapes. Mendoza holidays are not such if they do not include a visit to the legendary cerro Aconcagua, within the provincial park of the same name. But the mythical paradise for climbers and mountaineers is not the only attraction of this area of the province.

There, the high mountain landscape fascinated from the mysterious Puente del Inca, natural monument of strange beauty, until the Crystal lagoon of los Horcones, making the area the ideal place for the practice of trekking and, of course, mountain climbing. The scenery changes radically in the desert plain Center-North of the province, scarcely interrupted by the almost miraculous forest Gilvicollis, biological reserve of incredible wealth, totally implausible in that framework of complete dryness. One more of all the surprises that tourism in Mendoza reserves to its tourists. Special mention deserve the reserves of the South of the province. There, the amazing rock formations of the castles of Pincheira, furrowed of murmurantes arroyitos, are the ideal location for fans of camping, while they are an optimal starting point for all sorts of excursions on horseback and by bicycle, safaris photographic and observation of flora and fauna and, once again, for the practice of trekking. In the Llancanelo lagoon, is imposed the observation and sighting of birds: pink flamingos, swans neck black and flocks of herons contribute to forging the rugged charm of the place.

Nearby, the witches cavern proposes venturing into a different world beneath the world: explore the caves and caverns, with their whimsical Interwoven’s stalactites and stalagmites is an experience so dazzling as impossible to forget. The landscape becomes volcanic arriving at the zone of La Payunia, where herds of friendly guanacos, absolute owners of the landscape, greet tourists. At this stage of the journey, you will be totally amazed by the incredible possibilities ecotourism holidays in Mendoza can offer.