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We no longer know how to lead a dangerous element to health, but the thing is in its numbers, the lack of too dangerous. Or other item – Zinc. Him and his number of independent normal immune system function, growth and child development, insulin synthesis, etc. If zinc overdose, his excessive concentration 30 times (!!!) increase the risk of cancer. Such a pattern is typical for all elements, even of such an element as calcium.

"Without calcium, the cell can not live … but when it is abundant it dies." (Physiologist Ivan Pavlov) Or another example, for residents of Chelyabinsk typical excess copper in the body, as well as cadmium and lead. A surplus of copper is always accompanied by a lack of zinc, manganese and calcium. Compensate for the lack of these elements without first removing the excess copper is simply impossible. At the same person without expensive testing can not be determine what lacking, and what is not. In the natural environment found 92 trace elements, of which discovered the body 81 and each of them carries a range of duties.

And how can that be? Is there a solution? Unique the ability to remove excess and produce the missing (selective ion exchange) has a natural mineral zeolite. Developed a whole series of products based on the zeolite under the title "LTL". LTL base in the main is designed for general cleaning of the body, others have a more narrow focus. LTL M – immune system; Lt K – help the heart; LTL about – helping the liver Lt. B – designed for women, Lt. B – are struggling with free radicals Lt. F – is for children LTL Y – help intimacy LTL – through the bowels here given a very brief appointment Litovitov. All food supplements LTL series of research results Institute of Nutrition, Committee on carcinogenic factors in the Russian Federation Ministry of Health are safe for the life of the human body. However, the safety of food supplements a series of LTL, in addition to standard Studies on the safety requirements of Sanitary Inspection, which are necessary for dietary supplements, have been studies on the safety requirements of the Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Public Health. This means that the litas exposed studies, which are drugs before they are permitted for use in medical practice.

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Polyurethane bandage ORTHOFORMA – a new quality of life for patients in need of temporary immobilization during treatment of injuries, broken bones, broken arms, sports injuries, ligament tears and other injuries musculoskeletal system. The advantages of synthetic bandage: 1.Maly weight (4-5 times lighter gypsum) at the expense of cellular, mesh struktury.2.Prochnost bandage can not break down under load, allowing the patient lead an active life, within medical restrictions. 3.Ne afraid of contact with water: you can bathe and swim in fresh water and sea water, "gypsum" hair dryer dries easily after kupaniya.4.Zagryazneniya the surface dressing can be remove wet gubkoy.5.Poristost synthetic "gypsum" contributes to the evaporation of moisture from the skin and prevents itching and matseratsii.6.Estetichnost dressings, a variety of shades of the material allows the patient to choose the desired color binta.Primenyaetsya:-GKB-Trauma-Emergency-MChSBint applied easily and quickly, has a stretch in all directions (longitudinal, transverse and diagonal), which allows bandage in perfectly with the body surface of bone protrusions, such as the patella, elbow, ankle, heel, without the formation of wrinkles or creases. A related site: Doug McMillon mentions similar findings. Retaining bandage made of bandages Orthoforma Cast – rentgenonekontrastnye. Making dressing: In imposing retaining bandage "Ortoformakast" must follow the rules. 1. Measure the desired length and put a stocking podshinovogo stocking on the affected area.

2. Dip the roller into the cold water, then squeeze it once. You will have 4-5 minutes to modeling bandages. To increase the cure time is not immerse the roll in the water, and soak after overlay, finished dressing with a damp sponge or spray water from the sprinkler ee. 3.Nalozhite polymer bandage in a spiral so that tours overlapped by half or two thirds of its width. To achieve the optimum strength bandage is sufficient to impose 2-3 layers. 4. Smooth the finished bandage his hands. Subjected to immobilized stress field can be 30 minutes.

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The organism takes exactly as long as necessary, leaving little margin for every firefighter in the case of the bones and the spine, the rest of the calcium is not only the will, but will bring with him those salt deposits that we have accumulated in their joints and organs. He has no contraindications. It is made from natural ingredients without any chemical additions. And how is the product of kashirnym and halal, that is it can eat and Muslims and Jews, who have major limitations in food. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon. Yes, that’s what more need be said.

Because calcium – is not only our skeletal system. Even not at all skeletal system. Our skeleton – it’s just a warehouse, which the body uses for lack of another source of replenishment. Functionally, calcium plays a different and far more important role. Abbreviations hands, feet, heart muscle – it’s calcium. And if you do happen from time to time seizures, hence, the body cries – not enough calcium.

Transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the organs – is also calcium. But most importantly, our cell does not let himself or in anything other than the calcium ion. And he, as a train, there nutrient imports substances and transports waste products. And if it is not enough? Then our cells remain hungry and dirty. And they, along with them and we are doomed. That’s when the body and begins to withdraw calcium from the bones. Then there is osteoporosis. You understand now that the lack of calcium – that most essential element for the life of the organism, connected more than hundred fifty diseases? And realize that consume it, not to court trouble, we must constantly? A where can I get it? We have. Order it in and you can buy online store at here you can read more about, and other recreational products Tianshi Corporation made, based on ancient Tibetan imperial recipes, many of which 5000 years. Not home-produced in a basement, a center of high technologies in China, the most modern technologies oborudovaniiamerikanskim. Calcium grateful that today the people of almost two hundred countries around the world.

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Many people believe that beauty – the most expensive equivalent of money. You may have heard from someone that beauty requires sacrifice, that beauty – is expensive. To acquire or retain a slim figure people have to use different methods to lose weight. Ways to get rid of extra pounds is enough. This diet, and shaping, gyms and swimming pools, but a lot more then. But not everyone can afford to go on a diet or do sports. The reasons for this may be a lot – be it health, lack of time or reluctance to be a banal physical stress and deprive himself of the pleasure a tasty meal. But there is an alternative to exhausting exercise and healthy eating tasteless vegetable.

This is a biologically active additives (BAA), which many have heard, but not everyone knows what this is. BAA – the composition of natural or identical to natural biologically active substances intended for direct reception with food, or the introduction of the food ration in order to enrich the individual food or biologically active substances and their complexes. This supplement is a capsule 'LiDa'. This drug has proven effective in Japan, the USA and Europe. With the caps' LiDa'mozhno lose weight by 8-10 kg per month, without wasting time on heavy exercise and not torturing myself grueling diet. Capsules can get rid of excess pounds without the stress and anguish, with the help of herbal ingredients of the drug. The drug is based on pahima coconut, plants grown in the province Yunnan. For millennia, this beautiful plant was known to the Chinese healers as a way that reduces body fat. Also in the capsule include fiber Ganchzhu, gelatin powder Guaer, sweet fibers Tszyugan (from plants amorfofallyus brandy, Jerusalem artichoke), purple drug alfalfa, fruit Cola plant Garcinia family, the flower tsyaozhuy, fruit Gualatszya, golden tangerine, pumpkin – calabash, which suppress appetite and the feeling of satiety, burning fat at the same time. Capsules 'LiDa' help you lose weight without dieting and hard training, and help keep the body fit and beautiful.

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ALVEO, especially his version of “Mint”, improves digestion, lowers blood sugar with glucose absorption in the intestine. ALVEO helps to cure ulcers stomach, in some cases, the treatment of diabetes. This is supported by excellent results of laboratory tests. In addition ALVEO a positive impact on problems such as chronic fatigue, nevroznosti, stress, especially in people with intensive workload. Another example is the manager of PM (35 years) were re-state of collapse. A significant improvement occurred after two months of use Alveo. Given the lack of magnesium in a patient, I have appointed him and “Onyx”. Now this man has no complications.

Has been proven seasonal use ALVEO autumn and spring. This is especially true with low immunity, allergies, people with recurrent infectious upper respiratory tract infection, a ripe old age people. ALVEO limits the manifestation of influenza and spring fatigue. In addition, he is an excellent supplement for professional athletes. This confirms Many people with whom I worked. Improvement occurred in some asthmatics, which decreased the intensity and frequency of seizures. Several of my patients use ALVEO as a means of detoxification of chemotherapy. They noted subjective improvement, and some of them (of course in conjunction with conventional methods) have returned to work.

But many of the results, unfortunately, have to be expected, since the objective evaluation requires more amount of time. Sports doctor MUDr.Miroslava Plhova In his medical practice I have seen as normal patients, as well as with professional athletes. That they have the results of my work especially demonstration, because they can not afford to break my prescribed treatment and course of treatment. Since the early 70s at the base of my medical practice is a natural medicine, it refers to therapy and prevention. I drew my knowledge of millennial honey