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Once you've mastered the basics of dressing for your dog, you can have fun teaching a few more laps. These towers can be useful, such as getting the remote control or close the door, or simply to amuse the gallery, such as turning on himself or give his paw. Some people think that dogs learn new things. This is totally false. Dogs love to learn and to please their master. Everything depends on the method you use.

The best way to educate your dog is still with the traditional method of reward. Once your dog does what you ask, you give him a treatment that will strengthen the positive effect of his desire to cooperate. Learning new tricks for your dog, you also strengthen the relationship that may exist between you and learn a bit 'more than your dog. If you want that carries his lunch pail to dinner, we will mail or bring a bottle of water, the options are endless. As long as you arm yourself with patience and reward your dog in every phase of its apprenticeships, which can quickly become even more essential.

When you want to teach him things a little 'complicated, multi-stage. Start with the last step and add an item every time up? That your dog has learned the complete sequence. The advantage of this technique is that your dog always ends up with what they already know to help you memorize the sequence and end on a positive note. The training your dog, should be a pleasant task for him as for you. Take it like a game and do not forget to reward and encourage your dog as much as possible. If you see that your dog has a day without stop sitting and start another day.

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